Project Kat Translations

Attention! The information in this post is no longer valid.

I would like to play Project Kat in my language

Hopefully we have the right one for you down below:

Currently available languages (Updated on 2023-03-26):


  • English by Leef 6010
  • Japanese by Sasazaki


To install a translation, simply drop the PCK file inside the "pack" folder of the game.

This post will be updated with new translations and updates to existing translations.

I would like to translate Project Kat to my language

Great! Please follow this link for the instructions on how to do so.

This should go without saying, but spoiler alert! The translation package contains every piece of text used in the game, so make sure you're ready to be spoiled on every secret before going through it.

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to making Project Kat succeed!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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Hey with the german language pack the game dont working :"(

Please help!

Add Indonesian pls

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I am currently working on it since this morning. Hoping no one took the same project cuz I am already halfway through :)

Update: I've sent the email yesterday and waiting for devs' approval.





Someone do Arabic!!! so, my friends can see this masterpiece !!!


I'll try! 

Tysm bro!!!

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beeeeest girrrrrrl


Spanish link doesn't works :((


The link is also published in the account of FunNoob, I think you can  download it there. 


Fixed! Sorry about that :)

porfa saquen una versión en español :C 

aqui hay otra  version en español


Buenos días, la traducción al español funciona en la versión 1.2.1, pero esto no significa que vaya a funcionar en la versión 1.3.1, un usuario de nuestra comunidad ha intentado encargarse de la traducción al español en una versión más reciente, pero no oculto que esta traducción debe hacerse

esta bien una cosa mas me podrian enviar el enlace de la version mas reciente del juego traducida al español 

si la buscabas en español aqui hay una 

aqui esta en español

aqui hay una version en español 

aqui hay una version en español 

hay una version al español pero no  se si se la mas reciente como sea aqui dejo el link del video donde se puede obtener 


Can you make a translation to spanish? 

Me and the community'd be grateful


Polish translation, yay

and of course…

Polska gurom

The package is not downloading with Firefox or Waterfox. Any other sources than google drive?


Oh ojalá pronto esté la traducción en esta versión :°

anxiety is killing me

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