Update #1: Many thanks + Linux + MacOS

First off, thank you all so much!!

We published Project Kat to answer a question: Do people still care about RPG Horror games in 2020? Should we make this 10-hour long game we've been writing for several years? Based on the response we would say the answer is yes! We have been overwhelmed with the support and are still struggling to catch up with responding to comments, emails, fixing bugs... But if you sent us something, we will get back to you!
We want to thank all the comments, ratings and YouTubers that took interest in our little game, as well as Free Game Planet that reviewed it. 
We would also like to thank those who filled the survey (which is still open~), your responses are invaluable to us!

Rest assured, we will continue the development of our full game!


Current Questions or Issues

1) "Aaah! My game is crashing!"

We hear that a number of people are having some issues with the game. So far:
-Some people crash right after choosing New Game
-Some people can't move after Kat wakes up, or it takes extremely long for any events to happen.

We promise we're looking into these issues, however it is slightly complicated with the limited amount of information we have, plus we haven't been able to get these errors to happen on any of the PCs and tablets we tested the game on (we even tested it on some pretty old PCs!) In the meanwhile, if you have these issues, every bit of information about your system that you can send us is useful (and we deeply thank those that already did)!
You can send an email to leef6010@gmail.com.

2) "Will Project Kat be updated?"

We will continue updating Project Kat with small improvements and bugfixes (as well as additions to our engine, to ensure it's ready for the full game).


New Uploads

Windows version 1.0.1: The complete changelog can be found in the readme file. Mainly, we've fixed a few minor bugs, made a few slight changes to some assets and script, etc. 

Linux and MacOS versions 1.0.1 are now available! It took a while but they're ready! That said, our resources are a bit limited to thoroughly test the MacOS release, so please let us know of any issues you encounter.


Where to find us

Twitter: @leef6010
E-mail: leef6010@gmail.com

We are thinking of other social media sites as well but at least for the next few weeks, updates will be done mainly on twitter and through these devlogs! Consider giving us a follow on itch.io and/or twitter for more updates!

Thank you once again ✿

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Thank you for the Linux version. Some texts go too fast and don't stop o read, but I'm not sure if that's on purpose (after DDLC, anything can be).


please please please make it a 10 hour-long game.

maybe i am one of those people that still wandering aimlessly for another good rpg horor and im glad i found this (thanks to manlybadasshero). i really hope you guys could make a long game in the future but i hope this didnt stress you out.

much love for everything especially kat and your art.

I'm so excited for your game which I honestly would never have thought of playing had it not been for Free Game Planet. I loved the demo and I can't wait to see the rest of this game. 

You've got this! :D 

I Honestly love horror rpg game , but i think they are not that relevant now a day , unfortunatly , but tbh ur game really made me hyped to make another rpg and this time a better one , already said before , really good game and please after fix the error make it longer!

Yes to all those questions. You've done great! Keep going!

can't wait uwu

Thank you for the game, it's awesome... BTW, where can I fill the survey? I can't find the link anywhere...

Thanks! :) You can complete it here~

Done, thank you for the link.