A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"You're not prepared to deal with the truth...
...are you?"

A mysterious golden letter is sent to a select number of people... Its contents are unknown.

Project Kat is a horror RPG about a high schooler who's dead set on trying a very dangerous game. Your goal is to uncover its secrets and make sure she comes out in one piece.

This is a story-based puzzle game where each puzzle has multiple solutions and outcomes! There is always another way.
The game is playable in about 45 minutes and there is only one ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on your choices~


May contain some blood and unsettling scenes. Proceed at your own risk. 
Just kidding it's really not that bad. But still it's a horror game :) 


We are 2 idiots making this game in our free time and this is our first project of this size! We would love you for eternity if you could leave us a short comment and rating on this page!!

Thank youu!!

-----> You can find translations to other languages here <-----

Follow the development of the game, @twitter 

For bug reports (or anything else) you can send us an email at leef6010@gmail.com.


Project Kat v1.2.1-WINDOWS 98 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-WINDOWS-32BIT 97 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-LINUX 114 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-MACOS 101 MB

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I found it exploring for some games in the page and I LOVE IT! I love the anime style of the characters, how you manage colors, the expresions, the story, how easy it is to play and everything is just awesome. I'll be waiting and hoping you two can continue this game because I'm so catched up to what's on the other side of that door.

Btw, thank you for the translations, I can send this game to my friends now so they can't understand.


I found this gem from ManlyBadassHero's playthrough, and I really like it so far! When it got to the end of the demo, I was like noooo I wanna know more! It's really been a while since I've found any horror rpg games that gave me the same interest as Mad Father, Ib, and so on and being reminded by those games: the nostalgia is real huhu I really missed those. The art is pretty, the soundtrack fits really well with the mood, the story is engaging and interesting, and the way the player has a variety of interactions with many things in the game is a really nice touch. I really love games that let the players interact with things even though it's not that impactful in the story(...or is it?) I'm really excited for the full game^^ Best of Luck!

I really liked it even if it was short and ambiguous! I'm really interested in the story and I hope the next chapter gets released well <3

It's a quick but entertaining game, gameplay is fun and easy to follow.

The story is super interesting, I was and still am very curious about everything, 'cause there's much to reflect on when it comes to this game. The main character is cool but also relatable, so you'll find yourself wondering about her backstory.

The art is amazing, both when it comes to sprites and the pixel art, it's a visually pleasant game.

Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys fast but interesting games :)

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The project at this stage is very unusual graphically and in terms of plot development.

A bit of psychology and philosophical categories.
The atmosphere and sound are just good.

Knock on closed doors - they can be opened. But what awaits you after them? It can break or strengthen you.
So the stubborn mouse looks for a path but finds a trap.

Good luck, guys.

Thanks for the trial. I look forward to continuing.

Nice game :) I hope chapter 2 comes out :)

What did you use to make music?

I absolutely loved this game until the very end!! I was so interested and anxious while playing it, I legit couldn't stop! I can't wait to see what the full release is going to be like. I can tell it's going to be awesome.

What an engrossing little gem, cannot wait for the full release.

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I kept saying out loud "this game is too good" as I was playing it! Amazing how it plays with your mind. Looking forward for full version!

I really love this game and am eager to play a full game whenever you guys release it! The art and loo of this game is really beautiful and so cute! I look forward to your future projects! Thank you for this enjoyable experience!

This is awesome! I really like the character designs and it actually shook me a little bit, I love this!

it's a good game, i'm need play it when  finished. I liked the interface, the designs, the menu, the dialogues, it shows that they put a lot of effort on it

Such an amazing game, I can't wait for the full version!! The character designs are so pretty too! I'd like to donate if it helps you guys <3

Oi amigos, coloquei se jogo no meu canal, da um pulo la!!

This game is amazing, it really stands out amongst the crowd of other horror games. I can't wait to see this developed further.


The game itself is quite fun to play. I enjoy that I was able to draw a masterpiece of a butt on the chalkboard ; and once you get into the game it's full out psychological , which is something I really enjoy.

As I said on Dev-Log Update #5: It feels like an older Horror RPG with a modern touch-up.

I myself am heavily excited for when the full version is released.

Keep up the good work , mate(s).



the art and how the characters are made is awesome!! also love the story and the yumme nikki feelings i got with those doors

Great game!! I can't wait for the full version


I send a Private to Twitter And Gmail, Please Answer...

Their Are Very Active In Twitter So They Will Answer Friend☺️.


It was amazing! The art was beautiful and the story was very interesting. Cant't wait for more <3


Too good to be free!

Nah, this too good :)


Is there only one ending?

Yes Is The Bad Ending ☹️

Soon Good Ending Is Coming☺️ Or Multi Endings🤔

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It was really great! Nice artwork, gameplay, story. Only thing I have to comment about though is that the first time I entered the occult club room I was able to walk through the furniture and walls for some reason. I hope to see more of this series!!! great job!!


Amazing!! just WOW!! I love the art and the game is interesting, can't wait for more! 


Fantastic game. Amazing character designs. I wished there will be a continuation of the game where it could have an alternate ending. Keep up the excellent work.


i need more, this game is so amazing. continue with that please


Wow this game is really amazing! That  very intresting game


This was an amazing demo! I loved every bit of this : )
I would LOVE to see the full game, I really hope this works out.


It was phenomenal, and very eerie!
It gave me so much inspiration for my own current game project in development, I very much enjoyed the while it lasted. It's unsettling, cute, and engaging all at the same time, it's fantastic~


THAT WAS TERRIFYING or atleast to me

Mis pro y contra del juego

+ Ambientacion 10/10 

- Solo 2 finales y tecnicamente iguales

+ Entretenido

- Lo pasas y ya se acabo en resumen volverlo a jugar es aburrido

+ Este juego lo corre hasta una tostadora

- La verdad no tiene sentido lo que te dicen al inicio, osea para que te dicen que lo que haces tendra consecuencias mas adelante si lo que decide todo es poner una flor o no para lograr un final malo o bueno. En resumen jugue todo el juego pensando que todo lo que hacia cambiaba el final como por ejemplo si escribia algo en la pizarra o no agarrar algo o no etc.

+ El juego te mantiene en un ambiente tenso haciendo pensar que vas a tener que correr en cualquier momento

- Estuve preparado todo el juego para correr cuando apareciera algo pero lamentable mente nunca aparece nada y eso me decepciono un poco

+ Recomendaria este juego sin duda que si la verdad me gusto bastante aunque en mi opinion deberian haberle  puesto mas escenas  de terror por ejemplo cuando te tenia atrapado y de pronto la mala de la pelicula aparece y desaparece rapidamente la verdad eso me asusto XD 

So when would this bigger project be potentially releasing?


It's a very good game, i really enjoyed it.

The Game was great!!

I make a vid make sure to subscribe and like:D



esta HERMOSO  pero¿ cuanto finales tienen ?

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