A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"You're not prepared to deal with the truth...
...are you?"

A mysterious golden letter is sent to a select number of people... Its contents are unknown.

Project Kat is a horror RPG about a high schooler who's dead set on trying a very dangerous game. Your goal is to uncover its secrets and make sure she comes out in one piece.

This is a story-based puzzle game where each puzzle has multiple solutions and outcomes! There is always another way.
The game is playable in about 45 minutes and there is only one ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on your choices~


May contain some blood and unsettling scenes. Proceed at your own risk. 
Just kidding it's really not that bad. But still it's a horror game :) 


We are 2 idiots making this game in our free time and this is our first project of this size! We would love you for eternity if you could leave us a short comment and rating on this page!!

Thank youu!!

-----> You can find translations to other languages here <-----

Follow the development of the game, @twitter 

For bug reports (or anything else) you can send us an email at leef6010@gmail.com.


Project Kat v1.2.1-WINDOWS 98 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-WINDOWS-32BIT 97 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-LINUX 114 MB
Project Kat v1.2.1-MACOS 101 MB

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Really enjoyed the game, some spooks got me and I love the atmosphere! Looking forward to see what you guys have in store for this!

Hermoso !!! Estare esperando que salga el juego completo , casi no puedo esperar >u<

A beautiful game, with incredible graphics and a story that hooks. I am looking forward to playing it! 

me encanto, voy a esperar a que se encuentre finalizado para luego comprarlo, se va de cabeza a mi top 5 juegos cuarentena 2020 

I definetly had a great time playing this horror game. I've enjoyed the style of this game and the story it's setting up so far. I like the main character as well. I've also had fun giving my own voices to the characters in this game it always makes it much more fun for me. I can't wait to see the full game from this cause I'm defo supporting this

this game is fun 3 months ago i played it and did speedrun and they accepted my request to add this game and i can't wait for the full version

This game is really well done!

Keep up the good work. 

This game is amazing!! 

i hope you keep working on it because is awesome and we need more of it. You guys did a great job!, i really felt scared, but also, intrigued by what's coming up next. I can't wait to play it when it is complete!! :)

i need more of this game

This game is one of the best indie horror games I've ever played. The art is great and the story is cool too. 10/10 would play again

¡Lo hemos jugado! Nos encantaron los gráficos y la música. Trama interesante, te mantiene entretenido y a la expectativa, con algo de nerviosismo y miedo a la vez. Esperamos mucho que lo continúen, de verdad que sí. Para ser el prólogo, está excelente.

oh me encanto y en unos momentos me dio miedo pero estuvo muy increíble todo gracias 


this game is amazing I hope you can finish it, my rating is 10000 out of 10 just wonderful 

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I created an account in itch.io only for comment about this awesome game, it's really good this demo, the world immersion is incredible, the art and sprites of the game is simply beautiful, the terror and suspense that the game offer to the player is amazing and the world lore could be very interesting, I hope that you can continue the development of this game.

Keep continue developing games like this.

Greetings from Mexico

Best of luck to you guys!!!!!!

This game was awesome! Loved the art and the story was pretty interesting too. Cant wait to play the full version if it ever comes out!

Magnifico juego, los gráficos y la historia son bastantes buenos y entretenidos. Realmente espero que continúen con este proyecto, yo lo calificaría con un 10/10. Lo único malo para mi fue la dificultad para abrir las cerraduras .

Los estaré apoyando  \(^o^)/

Chicos, la verdad este juego me encanto, tanto la trama, como la animación y todos los detalles, 10/10 espero que puedan seguir trabajando en el, para poder jugar, toda la versión completa, espero que sigan con el buen trabajo :)

Guys, you did a great job! This game is amazing, the story is fascinating! I love indie horror games, I've played a lot of titles, and I can say without a doubt that this one has become one of my favourites even though it's just a project yet! I hope you manage to complete it, because I can't wait to play the full version! Keep up the good work! :)

It was interesting and incredible, I need to play it complete, I hope they continue to develop it. :)

I'm gonna be upset if you guys don't finish this! Even the demos amazing and I know the final, polished product is going to be even more amazing! Even for a demo, it was a smooth play through (but if I had to make one complaint, the gamepad controls were very touchy and sensitive).

Look forward to future updates!

This game is Awesome, I hope you guys keep at it and make something even better.

This is a really fun and interesting game. I really love the art too and am looking forward to more from you guys!


The game has AMAZING art, I have never played such an impressive demo.

 I loved


I'm truly amazed. Begging you not to leave your wondrous game undone!

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from the small amount i could play of this game i found it very interesting, i wish there was a save game feature for an easy way to go back and do something different instead of replaying the entire game. aside from that however i thought this game was very good, an interesting story, a lovely art style, and much more. i wish the developer/developers the best of luck with creating the full game.

this game was fairly short as it is only a demo but in that short time i was amazed. the story sounds really interesting, i love the art for the characters and the pixel 16bit gameplay! cant wait for more 

Just made an account to say this.... ITS AWESOME. The art style is charming. And the main protag has something about her that makes her unique. If you want ACTUAL feedback or suggestions you should watch ManlybadassHero on YouTube, he gives some tips in his second play through at the end about the pacing of the game and horror, and how much ‘freedom’ the player has . Can’t wait for the full game GL!

Am Also Fan With Manly Too Friend

Great game, I would love to see a complete larger version of the project with a more complex and coherent storyline. Other than that I think everything was fine, I particularly enjoyed the cartoonish style art. 

Very cute art style! The game is very interesting too! I liked it very much ^^ 

its pretty good in my opinion but its quite confusing

What Confusing

The only confusing thing in my opinion is, probably  like the intrucrutions are clear but arent at the same time like on hints to where stuff could be, but other then that it was really fun.

Oh Ok☺️

Project Kat 

I can't wait for the full version to be release!

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I really enjoyed this game immensive, in all honestly, i didnt even know it was horror, it seemed like that but i was put in a fallse sence of security when everything seem okay, happy music, no monsters, etc. i was soon extremely scared about 30 minutes, and even though as far as i know, there wasnt any monsters chasing me in the slightest, i loved the tension, the anticipation, it was  short, beat it in less than an hour but i would like to seem more in the future! this game was so good, and i like Kat personality, even though it was only an hour and i didnt spend enough time with her, and i know the choices you make can reflect on how Kat is protrayed but nontheless, everything was amazing, a ritual that actually works, gone horribly bad when their is no clear way to escape, im  not an occult type by any means but i was so drawn in, and whatever Kat commented on an event that happened, like 5 seconds before i would be thinking what she was thinking in the situation, i urge everybody to try this game more, it's well worth your time, even though it's basically a demo, the prologue

I also uploaded this to my YouTube, and i hope more people give more support to these amazing people

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There Full Game Takes A Long Time To Finish So Yeah Am Always Sometimes Active In This Website And Waiting For New Progress I Always Be Supported To Theme A Little I Think

I know it would take a long time, take your time with it, I just know it'll be a great game, I'll even buy it on steam if you put it on there

WOW this game is amazing im so excited for the rest!

I don't even know what to say.. This game scared the shit out of me, I want more!

this game is so amazing!! the story is.. wow..

Cant wait for the full version cause this game is amazing

I really love this game.

I love the story, the graphics, the ambient, everything.


I literally made an account just to say this:

This prologue as a story is SO GOOD.
I'm hooked! Despite the short amount of time we spend with her, Kat definitely stands out to me as a protag and quickly establishes herself as a very human character, neither angelic or evil to begin with. Great writing of all the characters, demon and human. Also the art is just gorgeous, pixel and otherwise.

Moreover, theres so much potential in all of this, which in itself is exciting! The quality of the writing so far leads me to believe that you both will make some dark/interesting routes/easter eggs heavily based on player actions, and that is very promising to me.

The only real thing I can criticise is the ending being rather abrupt, though this is understandable as this is only a prologue. 

I await  patiently (but excitedly) for whatever update there may be in the future. Stay safe and be well.

I loved this!  I wish the both of you luck on the development of this game, it's very promising :) 

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