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loved it 🥰


A fantastic prologue and I really hope you decide to continue development on this game. It's adorable while being creepy, and has a solid story and dialogue.

We really loved watching your playthrough!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! Hope you'll like what comes next just as much as this :') 

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Hey there! Just dropped by to add to the chorus of people saying they can`t move at the beginning - at least, not without some inconveniences.

The problem seems to be with the tutorial - the game freezes whenever one of the instruction screens are supposed to show up. I can unfreeze the game and cause the screen to appear by pressing space or the arrow keys repeatedly, but it is still an inconvenience. Other than that, the game is great! Will be looking forward to more.

Thanks, it works now.

This is fixed in v1.0.2 ! :) Thank you for the details! 

Thanks a lot! I have already finished the game, but I am happy you fixed the issue nonetheless. Looking forward to more!


Great polish and potential!

Thanks for the wonderful playthrough! :) We felt bad that you cut it right before the end, we apologize for that... Our playtesters completed the game in 1 hour so we estimated the lenght wrong! It turns out many people beat it in 45min or less. 

XD Yeah, pretty unfortunate, but, Part 2 finishes it off xD

The game looks great and it has great pacing (with some humor in it). That said, I feel like the tutorial is a bit much. A simple pop up that shows what button is what would be more appreciated (minus the tutorial to pick items from the inventory). That and I crashed back to desktop after performing the ritual. But besides that, it's a nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


I urge anyone who can to give this game try, played through it in just under an hour and I'm already hooked!


It looks amazing, but I have a problem. I start the game, but I can't move after the protagonist wakes up.

Sorry for the delay! ; _ ;  This issue should be fixed in the new version (1.0.2)


Watched a playthrough of it and I'm hooked!

I'll be happy to buy it if you finish development :)


I had just made an acc and this was the first game I downloaded, it was great! Although it saddens me to know that there is only one possible ending, I really love the design and the effort of putting details in every text! I hope I see Kat anywhere else, perhaps a full release or another game?  Take  your time devs, stay healthy and awesome!


Thank you so much for your support!! We are definitely going to make a continuation to this prologue! 

protective rune uwu

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Congrats, ManlyBadassHero played your game!

Also, you might want to make it more clear the game is a demo on the page, or change the status to in development. Not trying to be rude or anything, some people might be confused. I was wondering why the game length was short at first. 

Look forward to the full release, I’m glad people are showing so much support for your game! ^^


Thank you!! ^^ We saw his playthrough. 

It is labelled as a game and not a demo because we didn't know if we were ever going to continue its development :) And also for a secret reason we cannot mention yet ;3

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I saw the game in a video from a youtuber named Alpha Beta Gamer. Looked interesting. I would like to see this as a full game, but I can't guarantee I'll play it... usually I can't play horror games for too long :D

P.S.: To the creator, I was also wondering if can you also upload the OST for the game to youtube?

P.P.S.: I just downloaded the game and looked in the Readme file. I'm sorry for my ignorance earlier. I didn't knew the list of soundtracks was mentioned in there.

Good news! We've uploaded the OST to YouTube. You can find it here.


I really enjoyed playing this. I loved the different ways you could finish the objectives you have, and the atmosphere and graphics are great. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next :)


For some reason, I'm unable to play the game,, everytime when I open the game, the music does play, but the screen is all black along with a white rectangle at the top right corner, and when I press space, the screen turns completely white,, is there any way to fix this? ;-;

Sorry for the late reply! What is your video card? Have you tried updating the drivers? 

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What you have so far is very good! I love the art style, there's clearly been a lot of work put into it, and I really like the atmosphere you're building. I can't wait to see more of this world, the only disappointment here was how short it was and how suddenly it ended, but for a prologue/demo that's kind of to be expected I suppose.


I made this account after I saw a video on youtube about this game just to say that this game has a lot of potential.

The music is good, the athmosphere is creepy and it gets to you, the different outcomes from your actions is a nice touch, the graphics are good and so is the art in general, the protagonist is very likeable, the other world and the voice are really menacing and scary and the game itself plays really nice.

This game can be a big rpghorror hit, I wish you guys really good luck with this project, I really want to play the complete game once it comes out. Please take care and keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for the nice comment !! ^^


Just finished it and I love it so much!

Says there will be a full game and I am super excited to see it and play it! Keep up the good work!

The pixel art and cg art are amazing, the atmosphere has dread and terror, the music is amazing and I love Kat already!

Again can't wait to see this done, keep up the good work!


I just finished watching a playthrough of it and I want to play it. It looks amazing!


I've found two bugs in the v1.0.0:

1. If you retrieve the red notebook and bring it to the ponytailed girl before reaching the moment were you need the key, the game will crash once you go to ask for the key.

2. Sometimes, when using the link to this page in the main menu, the page opens in three tabs at the same time.


I downloaded version 1.0.1.

The 2nd bug is fixed.

But for the 1st bug I have not reached that part yet, so I can't say if it's fixed or not.

The first bug is fixed in the new version (1.0.2) ^^ 


I loved how unsettled I was towards the latter part of the game. The music and sounds really made that part terrifying. Can't wait for the full project to be done


I loved this! It plays really well into the fear of being stuck and I liked the realization that the girls were hurt by your ritual and the endless halls and corridors were very spooky!

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Are you guys planning on making this game longer?

It's really good but 80% of gameplay was on the classroom. I want to see more of the netherworld. Heck, we never get to see the  house and black girl from the beginning

Yes! This is the prologue to a muuuuch bigger game we have planned ^^ You'll definitely have a chance to see more of the "netherworld" ;) 


Great game! I loved the witty dialogue and descriptors in the first part of it, and everything post-ritual was genuinely unnerving! The music was charming (and very noticeable when it goes away) and I loved how the horror built on atmosphere. 

The only two complaints I had were the intro felt a bit forced. It would have been better started at the Ouija Board imo, with the dream at the start possibly being better later on. The other problem was with all the characterization Kat gets, she doesn't show any reaction when she's trapped in the school up until she snaps at the end. Some more reactions from her to show her breaking down at that point would have helped a lot. Maybe the intro dream could have happened there as if to taunt Kat after she passes out in the box room? 

Either way, still a great experience overall and I'd love to see so much more from it. The saddest part for me was when it ended and I thought that was all we'd ever see from it, until the splashscreen after the credits said you're hoping to do more. I'm looking forward to it! You're both really talented. 

Thank you so much ! We initially experimented with the order that you've mentioned, but we ultimately decided on the current one. 
You're definitely right about Kat's reactions though! ^^


Your work's awesome. The quality of it is amazing. During the game, I was very excited :D I'm in love with it!! 


Wow, I don't really comment here, but I had to just come and say that I was SUPER impressed by this! The game looks gorgeous, both sprites and CGs and it definitely had some interesting ideas and a great atmosphere. If the game carries on the same level of quality all the way through then I am incredibly excited for it! I hope you wouldn't mind me uploading a playthrough of the demo to Youtube?

Thank you so much for your support! We would love it if you uploaded it to YouTube ! We'll watch aaaaaallll the videos :D


Here's the link to the video if you want to check it out! Apologies, I refer to it as a demo multiple times, hopefully it doesn't bother you too much :'D 

We watched your video and it was great!! :D We loved your reactions
Thanks for recording it! No worries about calling it a demo, it.. sort of is one haha


Wonderful little game and very cute!  I love it!  I wondered if the choices mattered at first, but all in all this has entertaining replay value!  I like the whole “you choose how you get there” set up!

Anyway, the end of the prologue said leaving a comment and rating would help support you guys, so that’s what I’m doing!  Thank you for this nice little trip of horror!

Aww thank you for leaving a comment!! :3

Deleted 241 days ago

We used Godot Engine, and thank you! :)

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I'm having the problem that the game starts up, but when I press "New Game" the game quits out, could someone help me out?

I've tried compatibility mode and putting it directly under C:\

The game screen looks real nice :)


Same , so help would be nice.

Hi! Sorry about that, would you give us a few more details about your computers? We would like to look into this issue! 
In the meantime please make sure you've tried restarting the game, restarting your PC, and updating your video card drivers ^^


I have a windows 10 home computer, I'm the admin on it.
Meanwhile I've rebooted my computer.

I've updated the video card drivers

It's still the same situation, I press new game and the game stops. No running processes too.

Is there a crash log somewhere I can read and/or send?


Hi! The game looks really promising, but unfortunately I have the same issue as the previous posters. As soon as I press New Game the window just closes, and nothing else happens. Have tried everything you suggested, the issue persists. I have Win 7 64 bit, GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card, all drivers up to date.

Sorry for the late reply! This should be fixed in the current version (1.0.2)

Just started the game, everything works flawlessly, no crashes or lagging. Thanks for the quick fix!

Whatever you did, it fixed it, thank you!

as for me, events take a long while to trigger. I wonder why....

Sorry for the wait! This should be fixed in the current version (1.0.2)

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This is amazing! I give a grade of F for Fantastic

- Fantastic scare

- Fantastic art

- Fantastic Protagonist

- Fantastic music

- Fantastic pixel art

- Fantastic Everything!

This cute game suddenly slaps me to back reality that this is a horror game with disturbing scenes.  I do wish in that long corridor area we could run but It ain't much of a big deal

when you mentioned "there is 1 ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on your choices~" - does that mean on this very game which is just the prologue, I can have more scenarios?

Thank you !! Yes there are several things up until Kat arrives at the mystery location that change according to the way you've decided to play the game! :3


Very nice art style and idea, but I think that in the scary final parts there is far too much dialogue and lack of subtlety; I especially didn't like the demon taunting Kat in what I feel are very cliché sentences: he feels like a cartoon villain explaining in detail what he will do, more than a monster, and his threats ruined the anxiety of being trapped.  Also Kat commenting everything didn't allow me to seemlessly put myself in her shoes: most of the time she felt like the annoying friend who comments over a movie  more than an enrichment of the plot.

Overall: very good presentation, polished gameplay, entertaining plot and nice atmosphere, but not really as creepy/scary as it tries to be for the issues I talked about.

We're happy that you pointed this out! We have a similar opinion on the matters you described and planned a few fixes to those areas. That said, Kat's overly enthusiastic nature is a deliberate design choice for reasons that we can't reveal yet ;) 


Highly recommend this gorgeous game =D!

  • Beautiful music
  • Cute characters
  • Love how it's possible to interact with many items
  • Loved the mini desk game
  • Love how you can read room labels, ( it always makes me sad when you can't read them )
  • The story was very freaking intriguing
  • Wasn't expecting how much awesome content would be in this demo!!


  • No pause menu/saving which I'm supposing would be added when people see this game more and it's supported more, because it surely should be!
  • Have to use arrow keys, I am one of those who has set my muscle memory to use the wasd so it is always weird using arrows :P

Those are my only cons if you can call them that! 

Please make more I will be a loyal repeat customer! =]


Thank you so much! :D That's so nice of you! The cons you've mentioned are definitely in our backlog!


this, was awesome! i loved everything . the atmosphere fitted the gameplay so well and worked perfectly well!  everything, from the mechanics, sounds,art and etc was awesome! i look forward to the full release!

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Love it!

Animations are Awesome

Graphics are Awesome

Dark Scary Atmosphere 

Scary Beautiful Background Music

Loving the Story

P.S you two are not Idiots you both are Proffesional Awesome game maker

can't wait to Continue it


Thank you so much!!! I hope you'll like the continuation ^^

If possible, could you remove the screenshot you posted? ;; It might spoil the scene for people who haven't played it yet. Or replace it with a non-spoiler one please haha 


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Yes you are right haha :D

could you may make the Music Downloadable I love the Menu Theme so much.


Seconded. This music slaps. Toss it up on Bandcamp or something.

Good news! We've uploaded the OST to YouTube. You can find it here.


I was wrong. It was not stuck. Animations/cutscenes are very slowed down. I waited a lot in some scene, but I managed to finish the game 

We uploaded v1.0.1. of the game. Does it still have the same problem for you? 

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Sorry. Same problem. I was absolutely certain that the engine was rpg maker mv. I don' t know....this seems to be less compatible and stable. What do you think ?

Hi! Sorry for the wait, this should be fixed in the current version (1.0.2) 

OK. It works. Thanks


This game is really cool! I hope something more is done with it.

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Such an amazing game! It surely is different from everything i've played so far, it's very unique

i've seen people complaining about not bein' able to move once the game starts, and i've had the same issue; bUT i managed to get out of it by pressing space repeatedly, or the arrow keys, sometimes the computer mouse

kinda bothered me, but did not affect the incredible experience of the game

As soon as the game starts, I can't move. The graphics are cool though


We're looking into it now ^^ Sorry about that, I'll get back to you soon! 

Sorry for the wait! This should be fixed in the current version (1.0.2)

she finally moves!!!!


I like the game! it was really good! keep up the amazing work! i gave 10/10 cause it has a pretty unique :3 <3


Project Kat is quite beautifully designed with a well written story! I really enjoyed playing and would like to see more! 


I can't move

Hi! Could you give us a few more details? 

Just after the intro. It stuck

You should be able to move after the movement tutorial closes - you can move by using the arrow keys, or your controller's DPAD/thumbstick. If that doesn't work, and you've tried restarting the game, and it still doesn't work, feel free to send us an email with a screenshot at, and we'll try to look into it !


Not after the movement tutorial. Just after the girl woke up


Same thing here. I tried running the game as the administrator, even in compatibility mode, but nothing. As soon as she stands up, nothing happens and just the background audio plays


We're looking into it now! Sorry about that, we'll get back to you

my I ask one question, can this game save and load while playing it?

The game has an autosave feature, so yes! It will save quite often. However, there is no manual saving ^^

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