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how do i get the ending where she is with the other girls that joined her

i only got wasd on my keyboard yoo

Absolutely loved the game. The story writing felt quite engaging and the music really carried the atmosphere. Oh, and the artwork was the cherry on the cake. Huge props to the devs, please keep it up!

This was great definetly wanting to buy the full game with money

This game is really underrated, keep it up

In the first part of the game, Kat is told that she shouldn't touch things that don't belong to her and that there always is another way. Is there any other thing you can do here?

there are alot of different things you can do, i think there are around 7-8 endings if i remember correctly

Amazing writing and a beautiful art style, I loved this game. I'll definitely check out paper lily soon!


It's a masterpiece 💚

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This looks awesome I will check it out :) the pixel art is lovely!


Android version???

This game is awesome!!

I loved this game, keep up the good work! I hope to see more games from you.

The artwork is SO beautiful, I am in love with the characters (T_T) I think I got all the endings but I wouldn't be surprised if there was more. I can't wait to play Paper Lily and see how it expands beyond the story of this game. <3 


This game was so much fun!  I enjoyed the story but, to be honest, some of the clues were hard to solve (I won't spoil it because the game was so much fun, but clearer directions would've helped).  There was an air of suspense that makes me want to see the full story.

Amazing game!!!!!

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I liked this very atmospheric game! I was surprised by the large number of endings, how different and interesting they are! (although I couldn't find them all, but I looked at other playthroughs) Also, many details are well spelled out and there are even little fun! 

(and many of the endings are really cruel and sad)

Put the translation_de.pck in the pack Folder and now I got only black screen on startup.


i found this game again and i love it, the ending made me so sad


Really good game, I love how you managed to make the environment so scary and tense even without the need for jumpscares. The sound and VFX parts were also very neat.


cool  game


awesome game


The game's AMAZING!


Really enjoyed this! The art was great and I loved the amount of choice in such a short game

Amazing game, I loved both the True ending and all of the Dead Ends. The story in general is really polished and the more endings I finished, the more interesting this game became, definitely recommend!


This game me ''Ib'' vibes in the best way possible, I loved the pacing and how quickly things take a turn and become creepy. The art style is delightful and so is the music (also those little tutorial scenes were adorable). Very excited to play the first chapter of Paper Lily. 

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Can't wait for more to come!!! <3  

We also big boy jealous of that a$$ ;-;

Great game, looking forward to sinking my teeth into Paper Lily, now. 

Click, if you're cute.

Very good! Until I checked the comments, I had no clue how I could get a different ending. 

The only complaint I have about this game is how the endings aren't satisfying... I like the fluff and extra details when you play through a new route. But even an "unsatisfying" ending makes sense, because this is a prologue! I haven't played Paper Lily yet, so I can't wait to see how the games connect.

I like the art style a lot, and the writing is good too! The game vaguely reminds me of Corpse Party! (there's some gore, haunted school, and yk the whole failed ritual things.)

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Don't read if you haven't played the game. Go play it till you get at least the true ending or a handful (more than 2) of dead ends. 


Ugh... damned disembodied voice.

All I got to do now is figure out now is how to get the other girls to help break into the weird room. I don't think I have much else to do in the ritual unless carrying all three runes changes something. 

Ending Statement:

Yeah, no, I'm not going through all that again just to see if the magic man eating demon will say anything about my having three runes or being slightly interesting from the dream... nor am I going to complete the ritual that clearly works and clearly states to only have one person present... with Saki, Juli, and Kaya. Curiosity killed the cat, Morbid Curiosity would kill more than just the cat. 

The best ending is probably the girl's night out. This isn't paper lily, there is a clear "host", and this "host" is clearly in complete control and only has two goals: To have fun, and to eat. Which, ah, leaves me to wonder just why that ritual exists. It's near certain death, (with the only exception being if some other being as powerful or more powerful than the host decides to save Kat for some reason, or the monster miraculously changes their mind and lets Kat go.) and barely has any benefit. 

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This game is so fun to play! I so like it (and i have a hallucination that i hear a foot step while play this game) But the game is so good!



The game is good, I like puzzle in a retro game like this, it reminds me playingGuardian Tales solving puzzle though that I've got the bad ending
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This is my guide to my favorite ending.

That's the true ending, I recommend talking to the girls more, poking around with the radio in the top left corner of the occult club, retrieving the book without reading it, and returning the theater club room key, and then sitting down at the table. then continue the ritual, cutting hair, drawing chalk lines, but NOT putting down the candles. Don't do anything at all with the candles. Don't touch them. Then explore, I'm sure there's something useful in all those desks...

This is my favorite ending. The only way to mess it up is putting down the candles, and it's truly switched to one of if not my least favorite endings if the candles are lit after going on this path. It'll be relatively quick, in any case. 

hey develoer.. is there just two endings?


there're seven endings or so


oh. i thought there's just two endings. I'm sorry, and thank you for answering 

Don't mention it.


Strange, the title is mean Kat's project or a project about Kat?


Both, probably

This was amazing left me wanting more 

Played after paper lily and I really liked. It's a very short game as expected, I finished in 45 minutes.

anyone else having troubles downloading on Mac


If it shows you the message "This application is damaged and can't be opened.", the instructions to fix that can be found right on this page in the description ^^ 

Super cool game idea! Amazing artstyle!


I first watched a Youtuber play this a few years ago and thought it was a very neat game. Flashforward to now and I see the next part has been released with the dev team having a plan going forward to support themselves while also putting out a potential gem of a game. I'm glad to be able to support them a bit with their work :)

Thank you! ^^



Project Kat and Paper Lily have me hooked, and I cannot wait for the new Chapter 1 release this week! Theorized a bit about Kat, her father, and more! 

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