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This game is soooo amazing and interesting plus the art is very beautiful I'm very happy that I found this masterpiece :)) Still amazed that it's only a prologue so I'm looking foward to play the main game. On my way to talk about it to my friends

when will paper lily get released?

remember about time zones being diffrent in diffrent regions but either way it's supposed to arrive soon I guess?

isnt already 31 of January in canada ?


Montreal runs on EST, so within the next 9 hours I hope?

i googled it and its around 4pm in montreal, so i guess very soon


hello, im on mac and when i opened it the game says that "its damaged" and theres no option to open it at all. if anybody know how to deal with this please tell me ^__^ ! i was so exited to play it haha

"MacOS Users: please be aware of a feature called Gatekeeper, which may show the message "This application is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash" when opening Project Kat. You can find information on how to bypass this error in this video. Alternatively, you can try to install Project Kat using the Itch App."


Excuse but may I please ask if it is okay

"What RPG maker did you use in this?"

Also I love your game cuz it's so amazing and so kawaii~!
Love the art style and Kat reminds of Nezuko having short hair!


Thank you! We're happy you like it!

It's actually not RPGMaker, we used Godot Engine to make Project Kat ^^

Thank u 

( ^^)

wait can anyone answer this if i download the game will it like crash my pc bcuz windows keeps saying "this isnt same" and other stuff


i played this game 2 years ago and it didnt crash my pc its a rpg maker horror game

okay tysm  

How many endings dose this game have



no, the game has 8 endings


i only knew about 7


you can see the 8th ending wasn't so obvious to you, you can still make that ending, I'll just say that while running through the whole hallway after using the door key


One of the best horror games ever. The game play is high-quality, the dialogue is thoughtful, and the world is immersive! The art and graphics are really, really good too. But, if I had to pick a favourite, I would say the horror. It's not an over-the-top total gore fest with nothing but gore, but also not boring clichés of supernatural events. It definitely has supernatural themes, blood and gore, and is generally disturbing (in the best way), but it's very tasteful and well-used. I can't wait to recommend this to my family and friends, get as many endings as possible and let it overtake my life. 


this game is the best game i have ever played. the game is beautiful and captivating, great gameplay and art direction. I wish if I could forget about this game so I could discover it all over again and play like it was the first time
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the game looks amazing but someow I can't exit the menu and I'm kinda stuck on it. I've already tried x and esc button. Actually this cancel buttons don't work anywhere :(

Hi there! You should be able to exit most menus with ESC or X (as well as B/Circle on a controller). Can you tell us how you got this to happen?

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I don't know actually! I just ran the game for the first time and I couldn't even exit the settings. It happened before with the steam version too


Could you try deleting the "engine.cfg" and "bindings.json" files from inside the %APPDATA%\Paper Lily folder?



When will chapter 1 of this great game come out?


I don’t think anybody knows the exact date yet, not even the developers, since they may still be making those “finishing touches”. But it should be out by the end of this month.


UPDATE: I just realised they already posted on Twitter that it will release on 31st of January


porque casi todos los juegos de aqui son perturbadores o turbios


eso siempre me pregunto yo, esto parece una página de juegos de terror xd.

si xd


Very distrubing and a lot of blood, yum


For some reason it is saying my GPU is outdated. My CPU and GPU can run TF2, but not this? I use windows version and it won't work. What do I do?

Try to download it on steam

That is what I did. Still doesn't wanna work

Hi there! Perhaps you could update the drivers for your GPU. As you said, if it can run TF2 it should be able to run Project Kat as well - so it's most likely just a case of outdated drivers.

How do I do that?

It depends on your GPU. For nVidia and AMD cards, it's as simple as going to their websites and downloading the latest version of the drivers. For Intel integrated graphics, it can be a little more complicated. I suggest you google instructions for your specific make ^^


A littlt surprise:Actually, in Kat's dream, you can take the flowers out of three vases and open the door to the house...


Great game! Very love that kind of style. Can't wait for more.


I downloaded it and played yesterday and was great! the crow was a great upgrade and finally the multiple endings are here, I wish the ending number 7 was cannon. And am anxious for looking for the chapter one, but I'm sorry for kat and the others #dontforgetkat


Played this game a while back, and I know project lily is making a new game. So I started off with this series first hopefully the new game comes out soon! 




adoro este juego, es la tercera vez que lo descargo, básicamente por que siempre pierdo los archivos, y eh podido ver como se a actualizado quisiera tener dinero para apoyar, pero espero que este comentario sea suficiente :3


The art in this is gorgeous and Kat looks really fine


I have nothing but praise for this game, patiently waiting for what is next to come!


I had fun with the voices, I hope you don't mind😊

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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that game reminds me times when I was younger. Thats awsome, can someone recommend me similar games?

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The horror is well used, not to much but enought to make you uncomfortable. Hope the next part will be soon. All my love in this project.

I also hope you may put other language. 


Why does the game go black when I open it?


I really enjoyed this game! The art was really pretty and the story was so interesting.

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The game is really good! It gives me a Undertale vibes (because the visual aesthetics) and is a bit short, but no problems.
Congratulations for the creators, you 2 did a very good job :)

(Sorry for my bad english, I don't know how to speak it very well)


Um, is it just me or whenever I try to download the game (32-bit version) instead of the screen adjusted normally, it's upside down? at first I thought that it was how the game started but it wasn't. Can anyone please help me :<


i havent played this game since it came out downloading it rn excited to playy


excellent game can't wait for january


fun game, waiting for the full release.
pls check out our game Another Island by PurplePanzer (


keren banget game nya aseli, gk sabar ni


just played w a friend and we had a really fun time trying to get the different endings. I adore the tone, the world and the fun lil mini games. storys got me real intrigued too and to quote my friend and avgn, "WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING?" (what you may ask? spoilers.)


I played this game, a while ago and just remembered how amazing this is. I can't wait for the full release.


amazing game!!!

[spoilers(?] btw,,can you actually open the "fairly normal looking door" with the hairpin? is it just extremely difficult or downright impossible??


Yes it is possible to open with the Harpin but it is difficult and the tip is very difficult, in speedruns you can see in K1 and K8 that it is possible to open with it

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