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Something terrible has happened. You can’t bear to think about it - but you can’t live like this anymore. You stopped attending school, you haven’t left your house in months, you have no reason to get out of bed anymore. There are no choices left.

No choice except... that strange golden letter.

It’s time to get your life back together.

One last try.

Paper Lily is a horror RPG game in which you can solve each puzzle in multiple different ways. Explore a hidden world, meet strange characters, and guide Lacie as she attempts to find answers about her unusual condition.

There is always another way.

The game is playable in about 4 hours (probably). As was the case with Project Kat on its first release, the game contains only 1 ending but multiple variations depending on your actions. An update with the endings is coming soon!

Paper Lily - Chapter 1 is the continuation to the prologue, Project Kat, but it can also be enjoyed without having played it.


May contain flashing lights, some blood and unsettling scenes. Proceed at your own risk. 


We are still only two idiots making this game: Any comment, review, email, or any other sort of love we get helps feed our souls so that we can channel our magic powers into making Chapter 1 (and the rest of the game) better for everyone!

Please note that there are a few things we needed to temporarily remove/disable from Chapter 1 in its current state, namely:
- Multiple endings
- Collectibles
- A few extra secrets and interactions

If you run into a situation where you would have triggered a dead end,  you will receive a generic game over screen instead (don't panic, it's a placeholder). 

We will update the game with improved features soon! Thank you for your understanding!

Follow the development of the game, @twitter 

For bug reports (or anything else) you can send us an email at leef6010@gmail.com.

MacOS Users: please be aware of a feature called Gatekeeper, which may show the message "This application is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash" when opening Paper Lily. You can find information on how to bypass this error in this video. Alternatively, you can try to install Paper Lily using the Itch App.

Updated 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(579 total ratings)
AuthorLeef 6010
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)


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Paper Lily Chapter 1 v1.1.4-MACOS 361 MB
Paper Lily Chapter 1 Supporter Pack 260 MB
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Chapter 2 when? I'm suffering from waiting  TAT




This game is so good and so well programed! Keep up the good work! 💖

is there a way to open the mirror next to the prisoner without breaking it?


when is chapter 2 coming??


We need chapter 2

(1 edit)

I'd like to be a speed runner with rows of ???

Wow, this game is so great. I love the characters. Especially the new one. Looking forward to seeing more!


oh my gosh seriously enjoyed this so much!!! i absolutely loved project kat and loved this very much too :)) i can't wait for chapter 2! thank you for keeping rpg maker games alive

reaching the end of this game was so worth it!! love to see more lacie content in chapter 2 with sai as well!!!

cant wait for chapter 2 ! definitely going to play it and i'll happily pay for it if i need to.. only 2 people made this ? wOw , keep it up guys 

This game is getting interesting. Part 2 out now!


(1 edit) (+4)

i solely created an account just to comment on this game lmao

i've following since the demo release and project kat, i can say the completed version looks amazing :3 the dead ends were nice (stop killing off sai please my heart doesnt like that), the soundtrack is top tier, the puzzles are great, the graphics r well done and sm more 

i also like the "there is always another way" mindset in this game, it makes the game more charming than it already was 

for a free game this is like perfect like literally this IS the ideal game in my head, everything is just great. I hope chapter 2 isnt free because you devs are doing such an amazing job and i think you guys deserve more money than just from the supporter pack, like, seriously. You guys deserve all the support you are currently receiving i love this team sm 

im looking forward to chapter 2 release! take care of yourselves doing so <3

The application for Mac keeps getting flagged as "damaged" after I download it. :(

go into terminal on ur Mac and find the path you need to get into the game files

the command should look something like this (or at least does for me)

cd Downloads/Paper\ Lily\ Chapter\ 1\ v1/

(the initial stuff doesn't really matter, just as long as you get to the game folder)

Then, because Apple is a lil piece of garbage, ya gotta tell it that the game isn't malware, in this case just doing this command after the other should fix it I think

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Paper\ Lily\ Chapter\ 1.app

if that don't work maybe try this one as well

chmod +x Paper\ Lily\ Chapter\ 1.app

if you downloaded the game directly into your downloads folder you can, in theory, literally just copy paste these lines into the terminal in order

This is basically all off memory and I'm just procrastinating homework by doing this but hopefully this helps ya, it's a great game!

uh I don't know how to equip the lantern/cellphone during the locked site can I get some help?

I think its automatic,  you dont need to equip then. if its dark there, then you still need to do stuff before you go there.

its still dark even if I have the lantern.

Did you already catch a firefly to put inside the lantern with the Bug net that you get from giving a rune to the Rune Guy?

yes I did

In last case, there is another route you can take to avoid going to the forest, but at this point , you better off checking a walkthrough.

guys I fucked up. SPOILER!!:

I’m in miss knives place and I was supposed to give the woman in the large painting her eyes back but I took her eye instead- now I can’t go inside the painting and get the knife to cut the human foot off- I have to start all over. I really thought I could play without a guide but I guess not- can someone tell me if there’s another way or did I permanently fuck up??


I think there are other ways to get the eyes, you have one in the cauldron room in a jar and another in the lamp on the library. Try with those two. 

okayyyyy 🫠


the part where you take the painting is necessary to do, once she starts chasing you you have to just go left every turn, she wont be able to catch up to you, after the scene ends you can get the knife and then you can use it on the foot :

i couldn't get through that, i had to skip it, but i didn't get to the room where the knife is

I can’t find the first rune in the secret passage there’s a swing but no rune?

I think you have to go behind the swing to get it


You need to put the coin in the machine that's inside, then after losing your coin, keep hitting the dialogue button and then eventually you will have that option to kick it and getting the rune.


thank you so much  I was looking for forever !!!! just beat the game. <3

absolute banger of a game, cannot wait till second chapter after seeing the ending
beside i'd love if you make a video out of some of the sceneries in the game and just shove all of your bgm there, all of them were haunting my head for a week after i finished the game

thanks for russan translation

I finally got around to playing this game, and so far I really love it! If I'd noticed the supporter pack I would've bought that too... I'm not overly familiar with how itch.io works; if I paid five dollars for the game, willing paying three more be enough for the pack, or did I need to pay all eight at once when I bought the game in the first place?

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear that you like it!

If you already paid, you only have to add the difference ($3 in your case) :) 

(1 edit)

Oh, that's awesome, thank you so much! And yeah, I love it. Started replaying it again last night, and I'm already noticing things I overlooked last time. $3, coming your way!

edit: I think I may have screwed it up on my end. I have the game two times now but no pack XD  As long as you got the full $8 though, I guess that's the most important thing.

Sorry for the delay, we just saw your edit. Very sorry about this! Please send us an email at leef6010@gmail.com so we can send you a key (itch.io doesn't allow direct messages to users).

Oh, sure! Thank you :D



This game is so creative and well-made!! The whole idea of having multiple ways to solve every puzzle is done so well and makes the game so much more complex and interesting, I love it! 

Another thing that really stood out to me was the detail put into the bad endings. Usually bad endings are just quick "whoops, you made the wrong deicison, now you die!" but this game uses it to expand the story and world, and that's just so awesome! The fairy ring ending in particular was incredible, but also the detail of the ending with the fish, and the ending with the bus... it was incredibly cool.

The artwork is beautiful and the various minigames are so fun!! (Even though I'm really bad at them and usually had to skip after a bunch of tries, but hey I'm very thankful for the option to do so lol)

There's clearly so much love and effort put into this game and the result is absolutely amazing. I'm very excited for chapter 2 and may have to replay some scenes a third time in order to find the other methods to complete things :D

Simply excellent!! Easily made it to my top 3 fav indie games. I loved playing Paper Lily and getting to know the different characters & their stories!!

MISS KNIVES <3 Que jogo meus amigos! Parabens pelo enredo ! Quase chorei KKK


This game is my life, I love Lacie, I love Aoi, I love Little Kat, all of them. I cannot express how great the characters in this game are.

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i was in the bunny area and i found a shinny that i couldnt get, its across the river in the hidden area but theres no way to get the shinny. If i could have some help that would be great.

if you need more help[ finding it its to the left of the fishing pole and once you're in the new area you take the first down

That's easy. Give 2 runes to Rune, he'll give you a bolt cutter. Use it on one of the fenses in the locked site (the one in the middle). You'll get out of it and will be able to collect the shiny. Hope that helps

thx so much 

I've played for a few minutes and unfortunately my potato laptop can't even handle games anymore.

So, I'd love to have this game ported for android, I'd really like to know the story of this game

It's a 2d game , have you downloaded the 32bit version ?

Sometimes large games written in Godot runs poorly even if its 2D because of GDScript. And 32bit emulation on 64 bit is worse, may be good 32 bit on 32 bit system.

Finished the game and holy moly this game was so much more then i anticipated already! the music is a superb banger, the gameplay is challenging and fun (even if miss knives was a bit much for me took me more then an hour of retrying qwq xD)

and the story is captivating!!

LOVE IT, again and again ill say it, its great!!

omgg its so prettyyyy and cutee!! is the mirror an undertale refrencee..?

I swear I was just clicking the lamp for 3 minutes straight wondering if it was an eater egg loll

also fk u for the alarm clock jumpscar


I'm only halfway through this game and holy moly this game is amazing!! the music, the dialogue and the art work is just beyond amazing!! I'm constantly amazed that this game is free!! you guys have really out did yourselves!!

This is my second episode!! how does this game just keep getting even better!!! I have to say that fairy ring puzzle was hardddd!!! took me a while to figure out the pattern!! if anyone is seriously stuck check out my video and head to 8:02 for a tutorial!! i have definitely went the wrong way around this game hahahaha! but I'm loving every situation I've came across!! I cannot wait to see where i end up in the end!! Check out my series if yall like! 

very cool game aaaaaaaaaaa

Y'all know the locked site place? Well I cant get past it and OML its killing me, pls I need help :(

(1 edit)

Turn on audio and listen for heartbeats. The intensity of the heartbeats tell how near the monster is to finding Lacie. The heartbeats slowly calm down and go away when hiding in a bush, so wait a while in each bush. For dead ends, just return to the last bush, then go another route. 

Also, there is always* another way. 

*Not really true but sort of true. The devs can't literally make infinite routes. 


Why is te forest puzzle IMPOSSIBLE??


What do you mean? :(

The forest puzzle was probably one of my favourites, it's pretty fun once you can get the place memorized.

Because I can't understand what we have to do with the daylight gate, or the signs other than those

Just switch off all 6 lights at the gate. One way or the other. You can use switches on the lamp posts, or cut the cords on the ground with scissors. Switching the lights is faster than getting the scissors to cut the cords. On the other hand, you probably want to have the scissors anyway, so…

(1 edit)

Ya gotta point them in the direction where there ought to be a path. 

For the "secret" signs, just point them so that their directions intersect; they point at the same point.

u gotta go from one to the next sign and then point that one to the next one and so on until ur where u need to be

Deleted 56 days ago



nevermind found 'em

Scary Scuffed Games #267


Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_TV

Für mich eines der besten RPG Maker-like Spiele die ich je gespielt habe. Artstyle, Story, Musik und Gameplay sind großartig, auch wenn sich 1-2 meienr Befürchtungen als Problem bewahrheitet hatten. Es kommt bei diesem Genre häufig vor, dass man sich in Situationen wiederfindet in denen man nicht weiter weiß und gefühlt alles anklickt, in der Hoffnung weiter zu kommen. Sehr lobenswert also, dass es mehrere Lösungswege gibt und auch ein stetiges Objective sichtbar ist. Auch bei Skillissue kann man ggf. einfach die Passage skippen. Ansonsten bleibt nichts anderes zu sagen als dass ich bei 7,5h + ???h Prolog und das Gratis, hier eine echte Perle spielen durfte. Ich glaube dieses Genre hat einen neuen Stern neben größen wie Undertale dazugewonnen.


Dito: 4.9/5

Chat: 4.75/5

Gesamt: 4.83/5


great and creepy game, looking forward to chapter 2 as well (:


Really enjoyed this one, good work. Looking forward to the next chapter. Too many questions. 

(2 edits) (+1)

spoil, go play and get the true ending. and the true ending of Project Kat.

First of all, there's no way Lacie is done with the rituals, because she still has the curse, Sai is still in the underworld, and Miss Knives called her "Lilith". 

Next, Sai is still in the underworld. Why?? Does Sai just live in the underworld? Wandering everywhere in there to rid himself of his boredom? Or is he a demon? Maybe not a demon... Or not all demons are strong. 

Shadow Kat is adorable, I wonder if that guy after credits is her family. Her dad? But also, I wonder if she can make those potions, if she used a healing potion on the injured rabbit, and who even shops there. I would suggest that the man is Red, but he's got a noticeable lack of the color red, and doesn't seem to match the descriptions The Prisoner gives. Not wanting to give out store products for free isn't out of the ordinary. 

Rune, however, is indeed quite red-colored. He goes to Red's house without activating the spike traps, and "Walks" to the Facility, secret passage, much? but still, he knows Red's name, and doesn't remember his own past name, so either he's got multiple personalities, is just lying, or isn't Red. I dunno... Rune probably isn't Red. 

Glen is some big-shot powerful demon, Lilith is possessing Lacie or something for whatever reason... I have a theory that Lacie was cursed by Lilith to become Lilith or become more and more like Lilith, or to gain something other of Lilith... For example the inexplicable escape out of Miss Knives' cage is probably Lilith's magic.  Wendy is Aoi's boss, who seems to be decently powerful, below Glen, and above the average demon, like Alba. Wendy reminds me of "Wendigo". 

The Fairy Rings... Maybe destroying all the rings would disrupt it and cause a huge outburst, or they would open new rings in other places to replace the destroyed rings, so it's better to simply shrink the rings and cull the unnecessary ones,  and then warn about it in places with fairy rings which will remain in their place, or maybe the fairies have some beneficial use...

The facility that Lacie went to seemed to be an abandoned one, then is the one she gets sent to if she stays on the bus a more recently built one, one back in time, or just one that kept it's operations? 

I love how I could use the brainless strategy of taking a bucket and carrying all the water away into the sink... And it actually works! Forbidden artifact..

Miss Knives doesn't seem like she's in any state to defend herself... The one with the demonic rabbit plushie said they left after killing a bunch of normal primal demons... I imagined they would go retrieve the interesting test subjects. The Spider... I don't know how they even fit inside their cell, but ok, whatever, they're fine. Potential: High. hm. Are the test subjects fed souls to make them more powerful? Miss Knives' power seems very powerful and versatile, if only someone could heal her mind, her illusionary domain may be much more stable. Rather than illusion, reality warping may be more apt...

Lacie and Hiro should be safe at home... Right? Does the exit garden just put someone back into the place they started the ritual? Like, for Lacie, say outside her front door, since that's where she painted the red symbol, and Kat back in the middle classroom?

Chapter 2 follows Sai as he leaves Lacie's exit garden for whatever reason... 

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