Update #1: Let's Talk about Paper Lily

Hi everyone!

Paper Lily chapter 1 has been out for 6 days now with over 4000 downloads. Thanks to everyone who played so far!

Now let's talk about it for a bit!

On the day of the release, some people expressed concerns about a few bugs (most of which have been fixed by now in v1.0.3) and also the integration of the action minigames, namely the spikes and Miss Knives fight. At that time, we weren’t sure how well the game would be received, so after release, we were both really happy that many people loved it, but also overwhelmed by the amount of things that needed improvements.

Due to the differing opinions on the action minigames and facility primals, we decided that launching a Kickstarter in this state was not wise, so we announced that we would delay it to think about the direction of Paper Lily a little more. Thankfully, after a few days and a few bug fixes, we realized things aren’t nearly as bad as we thought!

The results are almost the same as the last Project Kat survey! Phew!

So let’s go over the needed improvements:


Paper Lily has two “action” minigames (Red’s treehouse and Miss Knives) in which you avoid a series of obstacles/attacks. Some people noted a high difficulty spike for these minigames, or expressed a preference for more puzzle-oriented minigames rather than skill-oriented. It is true that in Project Kat, the skill-oriented minigame was optional so those who didn’t care for it were able to avoid it by choosing another path. In Paper Lily this is not the case, so we plan to find a balance to accommodate for all kinds of players.

Judging by the survey, the spike minigame turned out to be way too difficult (we were aiming for under 5 tries, so it will definitely be nerfed a bit (I guess our testers were so hardcore we didn’t notice the difficulty issue)!

The Miss Knives minigame is a lot more balanced (5 to 10 tries is what we aimed for). Opinions are divided on this topic: some players said they beat it in 2 tries and it was too easy (wow), while others spent over an hour trying to get past it (sorry). We'll figure out how to balance this a little better. 

Those dreaded primals in the facility

It seems a big majority of players decided to take out the fuse that keeps the dungeons locked and unleash the primals in the facility. Please remember that there’s always another way, and that was the worst way xD. Still, this could be shown in a clearer way to the player.

That said, we will still improve the mechanics of the primals so that they are less frustrating (but still abundant since you chose to set them free). As of v1.0.2, we also added dialogue which warns you that taking out that fuse is a bad idea.

※ Friendly reminder that you can update the game version and your save files will carry over!

The Future

Truthfully, for several months leading up to the release, we worked nonstop on Chapter 1 (I can’t remember the last time I picked up and played a game for more than 20 minutes). These months made us realize the massive scale of this game. In order for us to deliver this game to everyone and remain sane, we need to make some changes. The first change will be in the form of chapter by chapter releases of Paper Lily, instead of the complete game releasing in one go as we originally wanted to.

Now, we ourselves are not huge fans of episodic releases in general (why play this unfinished game, might as well wait until everything is done, right?), however it might be a necessary change in order to both keep our motivation up, keep goals realistic and quality high, and for you all to be able to enjoy the story within your lifetimes. At the very least, we can promise you that: 

  • We will do our best to keep the story engaging and have a satisfying conclusion to each chapter (like story arcs).
  • Paper Lily isn’t an infinite game. It has 5 chapters that have already been written. We don't deny the possibility of decreasing the number of chapters to reduce scope, but increasing it is not an option. 

Steam Version

The Steam version of the game was supposed to be released relatively fast, but due to all of the feedback we got, we want to take our time to make the proper changes.

Therefore, this version will be released with all the endings, some collectibles, and the improvements that we promised soon, but it won’t be in the next two weeks. We'd rather not rush it like we did with this version and risk having several bugs on release. 

If you prefer to have a complete experience with the best quality game, we recommend you wait for it. However, the current version of Chapter 1 is still fairly complete, so its up to you to decide. 

Please note that when we say “Steam version” we mean “the first version that Steam will see”, but the same update will be available here on Itch.io on the same day (basically the only difference will be achievements).

The Kickstarter

This topic is very tricky. We initially planned a full-fledged Kickstarter to crowdfund the rest of Paper Lily. All of the preparations were pretty much done, and then on the last day, over a cup of tea, we realized that this game was causing us a lot of stress in our lives, and we aren't even burdened by a promise that we made to backers yet.

As things stand, we have the possibility to take breaks, work on different smaller games if we wish, change the direction or length of Paper Lily, all of which are things that would be difficult - or impossible - to do with the pressure of not disappointing backers once a plan has been set in the campaign.

Ultimately, we were basing the future of Paper Lily (and our future) on the results of the Kickstarter, rather than focusing on what we think is best for this game. For these reasons, we no longer plan to run that campaign. 

However, since we did so much work and research on Kickstarter to prepare for it, it would be sad to let it all go to waste, so instead we'll set up a Kickstarter for a merchandise run. This means mostly physical rewards for those of us who want to have some physical Lacie or Kat or whoever in our lives. The funds gathered will go towards the production of Chapter 2, but for the time being, we will not be promising a full game.

We hope this doesn't come as a disappointment, and we hope you all understand our reasoning behind it.

We'll be using the same page for it, so you can follow it here if you're interested (and if you haven't already)! 


So... this is a bit embarrassing, but although we spent several thousand dollars on the development of Paper Lily so far, we’ve made exactly $0. Naturally, the reason for this is because we never allowed donations or contributions on any platform, so that people wouldn’t feel cheated when the eventual Kickstarter came. Now that we decided that the Kickstarter will have a different shape (and so people around us stop looking at us like we’re crazy for working so hard on a free game), we’re going to have to be more open about accepting money for our efforts. Namely:

  • The previously mentioned Kickstarter merch run
  • Chapter 2 and above will be paid (we will do our best to keep the price accessible)
  • Both Steam and Itch.io will receive a “Supporter Package” DLC with a few goodies like wallpapers, dev commentary, maps, etc (no in-game content though). Project Kat will receive it first, in a few days.
  • From this moment on, donations are enabled on Itch.io.

That said, we will keep Project Kat and Chapter 1 free on both platforms as it has always been, and that won’t change. Of course, the amount of donations might affect the speed at which we develop Chapter 2... but we will develop the project with all the same love and care nonetheless.

TL;DR – Roadmap

Here is the current order we'll be doing things in. If anything changes, we'll update this list:

  1. Finish fixing all critical bugs in Chapter 1
  2. Supporter Package DLC for Project Kat
  3. Add remaining features in, and release Chapter 1 on Steam
  4. Kickstarter Merch Run
  5. Chapter 2

Also, the soundtrack will be available soon, and translations will be discussed in the next devlog as well.

Thanks for reading this far! If you read all of this, feel free to tell us your favorite dessert in the comments below :3 

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i look forward to supporting chapter 2 and one of my favorite desserts is strawberry with white choc :) best of luck with this project!

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me when chapter 2 releases:


Seriously, your game is awesome!


Finally got around to finish the game. Really love how subtle the hints for some alternative options are :D
There for sure are a few more things I didn't discover yet, but I'm glad I reached the True end 1-1 ^^



Literally saw your game mentioned right after downloading Delta Rune. From the trailer alone, I knew I had to download this game as well. This is also my first time ever on the site! Anyways. I like Yall's spunk. Happy to have donated, sorry it wasn't more! Can't wait to see where this goes!


I still haven't finished the game, but for now I cannot express with words how much I like it! The spike dodging mini-game definitely introduces a difficulty spike and I'm glad that it is has been fixed in the latest version. The attention to the details makes this game much different from other similar games, I love it! The story is a little bit confusing at first but maybe that's just me. As I can see the community around the game is exploding and that's how it should be, this game really can make you forget about all problems around you and dive in a small, pretty world filled with mystery. Please keep doing your best for the future releases and don't be shy to ask for payments for your hard work, you absolutely deserve it!!! Respect for your work!!!

Hello! Project Kat was a game that marked me too much, I really enjoyed it a lot. I had put myself in Kat's shoes and already wanted her to stop suffering (I was really suffering). There aren't many games that do that (at least for me). When Paper Lily was released I was excited, until I read that it was about 4 hours long. I don't know the language enough to translate that much (besides, I would also like to do gameplay), so now seeing that you mentioned the translation thing, it makes me want to wait for it even more. Project was a great job, and I'm sure this one is too. Greetings from Argentina. And congratulations for the work done! (Translated by google. I'm sorry if something is not interpreted correctly). Until next time!! :)


Just wanted to let you guys know, in no way should you feel scummy about deciding to go in a different direction with the game monetarily. You should do whatever is best for you, and I will absolutely toss you a couple of bucks on the download and be purchasing the DLC bundle, cuz your game rocks man! Excited to stream it! (most likely this weekend)

i'm sure you will do great and thanks for this wonderful project. good luck, fellas!


Hy 👋, thankyou for this game, i would like the episodic approach 👍,

Btw Miss knives boss battle in my opinion is more good if it DOES last greater than 10 tries (since it's the FINAL boss battle plus the background battle music is sooo good, Take for example the final boss battle of SQUID from "Will you Snail" it has the same characteristics as Miss Knives and we enjoy both battles)

Btw I'm the one that did it in 2 tries 😉

So, I wanted to ask if there are any slots left for a person like me to join and help. can playtest and search for bugs, can write (although that will probably not be needed, however, I can give advice on stuff like how to make story progression possibly be better if you guys need help on that), can draw, although I will either take a long time since perfectionist, or you know, it won't be very finished. also can definitely give advice for the gameplay and how to improve aspects, although you testers might already be able to cover that. Idk what else I can offer. 

We're hesitant towards accepting help because we think any work should be compensated and it wouldn't feel right otherwise. However, if we ever decide we do need extra help, we'll let you all know ^^


i love the game. I'm one of people who was at 5-10 tryand redhouse but (for me) i underrstand that there is skilled mini-game and even if i'm bad the patterns don't change so you can win eassily at the ends (i was supprised of the speed more than the difficulties) don't put pressure on your shoulder it's really good (no one can be perfect so don't stress) and take pleasure at making the game it's the best you can do for us because the fun you have we will feel it when playing (It's true for the Primal that really the dumbest decision i make x) but for know what are behind the door(other than the primal) we need to open it so ... x) ) 

Thank you for your nice comment ^^ We'll do our best!

I personally don't mind buying chapter 2 when it releases as long as its a reasonable price (for me that would be around 10$ max, considering you can get a 50 hours game like HK which is also indie for 15 dollars(i got it for around 7 on sale), and i would essentially not even be buying a complete game, just a chapter of it), however having the kickstarter be merchandise and not a guaranteed game is extremely off putting for me. I loved the game but when funding a kickstarter for a game I want a game, not a plushie or a poster or whatever else. Wish you the best of luck with development.


Thinking about it now a more reasonable price per chapter would be 5 dollars, considering you'd have to buy 4 more chapters for a complete game considering chapter 1 is free. 20$ for a full game seems reasonable, whereas if it was 10 dollars per chapter that would be 40$ total which is really high for an indie title.

Those are all very good points! As for the Kickstarter, just to clarify, its purpose wouldn't be to fund the game anymore, but rather, it's just a place for people to buy merch if they enjoyed PK/PL ch1
We realize of course that not everyone is interested in merch, and that's understandable, but as things stand right now, we believe we would be setting this game up for failure if we fund the whole thing through a Kickstarter.

Greatly appreciate how much time and effort you're putting into feedback from the fans these past couple of days and the update! I'm constantly amazed the amount of work that you guys have putting into Project Kat and Paper Lily since I heard about it in 2020.  You guys have done an absolutely incredible job, and the chapter by chapter releases and the Kickstarter merch run sound great! Happy to support you guys, you all definitely deserve it!!

As some people commented below, I would love to see some Rune merch if that's possible. (Such a great, funky lil guy!) Also you can't go wrong with snickerdoodle cookies!

Thank you for your nice comments! ^^
People's enthusiasm towards Rune will definitely be kept in mind
(Also snickerdoodle cookies sound interesting! I don't think I've ever tried them, but now I will)


Thanks for the info :D
Been looking forward to more since Project Kat and was looking forward to backing the game. I don't mind it being episodic in nature!
One thing to keep in mind with physical items for the KS is shipping if you allow global backers ^^"
Good luck :D

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Thank you!
And yes, shipping can be tricky but many campaigns add the shipping fee to pledges after the campaign is over. We might do the same, and offer an estimate of what it might look like depending on your country. 

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Congratulations on a job well done. Even far from that - don't remember the last time I've been amazed and thrilled by that kind of games. And I have to admit that I didn't like horror types. Still you got me with this. Drink a beer/or cocktail from ME. If I can I could donate some amounts $$ in future.

Now MY RECAP: (1-2 para)

It seems that as I get it–her brother from the start also did some research and did try a lot of rituals, but it seems he got stuck. That is way he didn't or can't come with her. So he remain. No spoilers but the person named Sai isn't quite him (knew it from start :). 

Cheers from me ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა and stay safe ᕦ(ò_ó)ᕤ


Will definitely take that drink :) Thank you! As for Sai, we're looking forward to revealing more about him as time goes on 


Thanks for being so responsive to everybody these past couple of days! Do you guys have any plans for some kind of season pass where you can pay once and then get all the chapters when they release, or do you only plan on selling each individual chapter when they come out? Also, I really love those asian finger gelatin things!


We're not sure yet, since this episodic release idea is still new to us (we never considered it until now), but if that ends up being the case, we'll make a post about it.
(Finger jello? I recommend adding some banana slices to the mix, it's pretty good!)


Thank you for being so transparent and keeping everyone updated. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this series. Would love to see some kind of plushie merch UwU


Noted! :) Thank you for your nice comment!

(1 edit) (+2)

Excellent work you guys have been doing with the fixes, the devlog and being responsive to the community. It has to be hard doing all this with very little people but you're doing just amazing. I will be glad to support your work whenever it is available. ❤️

Also I don't have desserts that often but I think vanilla ice-cream would fit in that category.


Thank you! The community has been incredible, so it's a pleasure to be able to write these things openly ^^

(1 edit) (+4)

Appreciate the level of communication about the development of this game. Paper Lily up to this point has been great, and I was bit disappointed not to be able to donate to the Kickstarter by this point, but rethinking it is the right call if it would only worsen an already stressful situation. I think you do deserve to get paid for the work you've done, but it's good you recognize it shouldn't come at the cost of burning yourselves out or rushing development in the future. I'll definitely get the supporter packs and donate to the merch Kickstarter when those are up. Seeing other peoples' comments, I'll add I'd also like to see Rune merch and my favorite dessert is cheesecake. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Paper Lily in the future!

Thank you for understanding! We had planned the Kickstarter for so long, so it was also difficult for us to accept that it might not be the right choice, but.. there's always other opportunities in the future!
We'll take note of the Rune merch :) 

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