Update #5: Job Offers (Applications Closed)

Hi everyone! 😊

Hope you're having a lovely November! It’s been a slow couple of weeks due to school and work, but we’re still progressing on Chapter 1 (the continuation of Project Kat). In this next part, you’ll be playing as Lacie (see previous itch.io post) and the story will take place in several different environments, including a forest and Lacie’s house. We don’t have a release date for you yet, but we can tell you we’re aiming for Chapter 1 to be a lot longer than Project Kat – hopefully at least a good 3 hours of gameplay!

Job Offers (Applications Closed!)

Now, from this point on we’re looking to hire some people to help us with the development of Project… Lacie (just kidding... that’s not the name of the full game...unless??)

Specifically, we want to hire a composer, a UI artist, and an English-Japanese translator. You can click each of the images below for more info (on our fancy google docs). Note: Applications are now closed! Thank you very much to everyone who messaged us ^^


UI Artist


If you’re interested, please follow the instructions in the google doc. We’d love to get to know you!

Previews and Upcoming stuffs

Here are some small updates you might have missed from our social media 😊


As for what we have planned next, we’re thinking of hosting a little contest sometime in the future where people can have their creation represented in Chapter 1, but we’ll specify the details later, after introducing another new character :3

Small reminder that if you’d like to see updates and be notified of the release of chapter 1, you can follow us here:
- itch.io
- twitter
- YouTube (for the soundtrack!)
- Instagram

We don’t post much on Instagram because it’s hard to manage… But we will post from time to time. ^^

Thank you for reading and for the continuing support! <3 

For any questions, bug reports, or if you just want to say hello, you can send us an email at leef6010@gmail.com

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I am writing this comment also here because on the home page you can get lost by comments from other users and it is worth giving a rating under this

hey, because the game is popular and best rated, I thought that I would make a discord server for Project Kat, this server is for Project Kat fans and speedrunners, if you want to join and chat with other users, then I invite you https://discord.gg/SfJ2WVqHRE

the server was created and made available with the consent of the creator, unfortunately it will not be on the server, so we still encourage you to comment

will the game be free? it's fine if it's not i'd pay like 10 dollars for this


Do you know if the new chapter will be out in a couple months or maybe a year? It's ok if you don't have the answer just wondering.


This year for sure ^^ but we can't give an exact date. We're working as hard as we can!


Thank you for letting me know can't wait to see it


"3 hours"
Speedrunners: Oh, I don't think so.




I definitely wanna help out with development, but I REALLY like scripting. I only volunteer and don't require payment. I wanna help out but not really with what you need. If you do wanna "hire" me. Email me at namekidboii@gmail.com. and i will inform you on how i work on my stuffs.


It's really cool to see some behind the scenes like that! I'm sure you'll be able to find some good additions to your team soon. Keep up the good work! 


What a shame i only know pixel art.


I feel you pal! But I'm more useless. I really wish that I can be of help in this project but... :C

I'm studying English-Japanese Translation, but I'll just start my studies the next year, and to finish my studies, I'll have to wait another 4 years oof.

So probably Projekt Kat's team won't need my help by that date... /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~



This is something to look forward to~

Eeek! I can't wait :3


Kat with her forehead covered is just a different character altogether.

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Hey, I am the moderator of this game https://www.speedrun.com/project_kat and I have a question whether the demo of the game will be changed because I admit that I want to leave the Any% category unchanged

Edit: changed the category from Any% to Demo


It is honestly an amazing demo to play through.

Thank you for allowing the public to play it early.

It feels like an older horror RPG with modern touch-ups. I enjoy the psychological element of it once the game really starts going ; and how you have the choice on learning of the other characters.

It is really cool , and I am excited for the full release of the game. 

I have a review that I made whilst playing and making comments on each part that I did , though I will leave that for email if I ever send it ; as it is quite long and I say almost every action of which had taken place and wish not to cause massive spoilers for those of whom' like myself had went in completely blind.

All in all , it is one of my favourite RPG Demo's of all time. Keep up the good work!


Been waiting forever for the update! Thank you guys! This is good news.