Update #2: What's next?


We wanted to share with you some more updates and details about Project Kat and the full game!

First of all, the continued support we are getting is unbelievable. We’re honestly baffled, we have no words, other than “thank you!!!” It feels like a big weight of uncertainty has been lifted off our shoulders. 


Second, we’ll answer some questions we’ve gotten:

What’s next?

Right now, we’ve started working on the assets for the rest of the game. We’ve already taken several years developing the story so that part is basically done.

We plan to post screenshots and content for the future release on our twitter and soon instagram. Sorry for the delay! We're still taking the time and discussing everyone's comments and survey responses, we really want to make sure we've learned from the mistakes we made in this prologue so that we can deliver something better next! 

Furthermore, we have a big announcement to make next week, so keep an eye out for that, with an open mind. Please have an open mind :’D We’re very excited to share this with everybody! ★

Can I translate the game to my language?

In short, yes.

HOWEVER, we’re currently working on a translation framework that should make things hundreds of times easier for anyone looking to tackle a translation, which should hopefully be ready very soon. When it’s ready, we will post another devlog!
All we ask is that all translators mark their version as a “fan translation”, for obvious reasons. Feel free to also link it to us if you’d like! 

Can I make fan art? 

Yes! Yesss!
Please link it to us, we love to see fanart!

Can I post a playthrough of it on youtube or stream the game?

Yes! Many people have done so already and we love watching them! There's still a lot we haven't watched yet but we'll get to it eventually! Thank you to everyone who has made a playthrough!

The music in the club room is so cool!! Where can I find it??

You can find the soundtrack on youtube here!

Oh no I just walked behind the stairs???


(It will be fixed in the next version!)

Aaah! The music is too loud!!!

Sorry, it will be fixed in the next version ;-;

Where can I download the art to use as a wallpaper?

For now, we're going to post the title screen image and maybe some others on Kaiyakii's deviantart soon with a big "download" button next to it! We'll consider a gallery in the future but right now that's where you should be looking if you're interested in the art!


That's all for now :) 

Thank you for being patient with us!

Regards from the Occult Club ★
- Leef 6010

★ Youtube

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That is wonderful! I just happened to see it and after playing it, I want to become a programmer just like you. To create games with great quality like this game. And I also hope you can Livestream on YouTube so I can see your efforts. Always support you: 3

That was a fun prologue. Excited for the full release, if there is one down the road. I wonder what all the alternate solutions are for these puzzles, I only figured out the tutorial one.


Very short, but really cool: can't wait for more! ;)


wait, the game i play is a demo? not a full game?

i'm waiting for the announcement


I Hope Is Not Just Like The Game That Been Announcement But Did Not Release The Game 


I am going to keep an eye out for the full release, because that was awesome!

I noticed you mentioned an issue with the music being too loud. Personally I thought that the music was fine, but the menu sounds were too loud.


@developers. Why this game is not on steam ???? You will legit make fortune with it there. Make Early access on it.

If You Still Making The Full Game Please Add A Good Ending For Now Bad Ending Is Not A Good EXPERIENCE Seriously And Also Add Secret To Make More Challenging 


full game! full game! full game!!


I haven't tried following indie game development before and after finding you I can safely say that your project is one of my biggest life anticipations right now ;)
Good luck! Do your best!


I can't wait to play the full gameヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


I can’t wait to see the full game! You worked hard for the prototype and it really shows, so I’m excited to see more. Good luck and keep up the good work! 👍


im def gonna make fanart lOl

Ooh, announcement! Is it a deal with Epic? No, don't tell me- Kat MMO!

i cant wait for it


It's amazing to know that the development is doing great!!! I'm so hyped for this game!

Deleted post

Ah, it's good to have an update, to read that things seem to be progressing well, and to read that the game has been so well-received! ^_^

I'm curious and enthused to find out what the big announcement is!

And finally, I'm glad to read that localisation support is being implemented, and that fan-translations are so accepted. ^_^

All in all, an encouraging and welcome update. ^_^


For such a simple looking game this had my heart pounding! Marvelous work guys!