Update #3: Lacie

Hello wonderful humans!

To celebrate one month since the release of Project Kat, we're back with some - potentially unexpected - news!

Take out your pitchforks and balloons because things are about to get real (??)

So many of you love Kat, and we love that you love Kat, but you'll have to hold on to those feelings for a little longer because...


We present to you the protagonist of the next release...

Meet Lacie!

Lacie is the character you'll be playing as in the next release. We spent a lot of time developing her character and backstory, along with her own set of charming quirks, we truly hope you'll love her as much as we do! <3

We will share bits and pieces of information as we go!

"So, what about Kat?" 

For now, we'll have to let your imaginations wander. All we can say is that we promise we're not going to forget her ;) 

So far, we haven't really announced much about this game, so we're sure everyone's expectations are all over the place. "What's with the golden envelope? Who is the shadowy figure that spoke to Kat in her dream? What happened to the characters?" etc.

All of these questions will eventually be answered, but we're trying hard not to spoil anything in order to create the best experience for you all :'D So it may be a long while before you get your answers. 


On a different note, Project Kat v1.1.0 is out with translation support along with some minor fixes. What this means is that the process to translate the game should now be much easier! If you're serious about doing your own fan translation of Project Kat, you can email us for instructions on how to do so!

Furthermore, we've closed the survey after getting a ton of really helpful responses! Thank you to everyone who completed it! If you didn't get to and would still like to send us your thoughts, you can do so in a comment on itch.io or by sending us an email! We always read everything!

Thank you for your ongoing patience, we hope you'll stick around until the end!

Drkie and Kai



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I'm happy to see the new Character Lacie, She looks interesting and I'm ready to see what her personality would be, I'm wondering who the person in the back is, are they a friend or an enemy, I'm really hoping to see both of them!


hmm, pink hair... it loses realism. But well, I guess is not too important.


Her hair is blonde! Its just the lighting that makes it seem pink. :

Ah, that's amazing then. 


Good plot,great artworks and good atmospheric game. Would buy this game upon full release ! :D


Deleted 3 years ago

Please don't post heavy spoilers in the comment section ^^


 I love the art, and loved Project Kat the instant I opened the game. Can't wait to see what's next, and looking forward to know more about Lacie!


Lacie looks a lot like the Angels of Death protagonist,


I'm not sure why though, but I thought of her the moment I saw this art


That Character Remains Me Of Some Kid Show I Just Saw But That Was A Long Time Ago


The game is amazing!  I love the art style and I can't wait to see whats next :)


I love the game and character designs. Just being inside the game felt amazing! I can hardly wait for the next releases :D


Wow well that was a heavy hitting game - the music and art is amazing and beautiful keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what's next xD


Love this character's design <3 can't wait!!


I bet she is a member of the occult club (if not the president)!
Very interested how the game will turn out!


My first bet was that she came to the school several years after the ritual took place and now investigates Kat's disappearance.

Now I have a second bet - she is one of previous victims of the ritual, who found her way into that creepy mansion (explains the creepy pictures on the walls too) and now lives there alongside with other victims (like hooded person at the picture) because it looks like there is no escape from this hellish place. Just looks like, not really.

(1 edit) (+1)

I Like The Both Bet That You Explain But Is Still A Mystery About Lacie And The Hooded Person And I Can't Even Explain What's There Story "Our Answer Well Soon Be Tell" My Good Friend Also What Is That Place These Two Got In To?🤔😐 That's What I Need To Know!

I'm really excited about the next update, thanks for the game, it's just incredible.

ummm hi im new can you guys please tell me how to do this please? thanks


Love the game! Kat is soooo charming! Can't wait for the full game! Hope there is one ending that Kat and the other three girls are alive (and become friends). Am I asking for too much? : p

(1 edit)

Yeah Kid You Asking Too Much Let's Wait On The Full Release To See What Really Happen All I What Is A Good Ending. Time Well Tell Our Answer My Friend 

Actually she isn't asking to much she is just saying what she would like and what she is asking is that it has a good ending and every one is friends so yea i mean every one could ask questions right i mean you asking a question and so am i

(2 edits)

Really I Did Not Know That 😥Sorry Everyone Can Make A Friend That's What Am Doing 

you didn't ask a lot of questions you were just saying what was on your mind and i deeply respect that see i respect people who speak there mind and dont mess with people and say that that person asked to much

Sorry Because I Really Like This Game Thanks For Your Good Advice 


I really like Kat, i hope she's alive after that mysterious ending...

I Hope So Too


who is the guy on her back???


Very Suspicious Dude Wearing A Hood It Seem That Is Lacie Friend Or Something. Let's Wait For Our Answer


Who knows? ;) 


kawaii, another protagonist



(1 edit) (+4)

ARHAHGAHA her character design looks so cuteee!! i cant wait!!! lacie will be a great protagonist like kat! stay safe btw!!

edit; the photos in the background r scary i-


Thank youu!! Stay safe as well ^^ 

(Kai: Yes I felt very uneasy drawing those photos LOL )

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