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This game was amazing! Me and my brother played it together and we had the best time. (spoiler alert) We found the golden letter before we started the ritual! It was so fun to figure out the puzzles and everything. 

I really hope this gets turned into a full game! It would be amazing and I would love to see it! it's super fun, the art is great, and the story was great. Thank you guys!

Lololol what'd it say


The game is really great! Especially the creepy parts where you go back to where you were a few seconds ago but as you return everything's different. I'd love to play the full game one day!

You guys did an AMAZING job on this!!! I seriously can't wait to see the rest of the project because this small tidbit was amazing by itself! Fantastic creation of atmosphere and I love the art! Keep up the great work!!!!


I'm excited to see where this game will go! The art is really great too. Good luck with the rest! 

This is an awesome prologue to what I imagine would and will be an awesome game!

I'm already a sucker for horror as it is, but this one captures the unique and gripping elements that all the old classic RPG Horror maker games would back in the day!

I am very excited to see where the story is headed and I'm already really invested in the characters! I look forward to and hope this game is some day complete so we can find out the truth behind it all!


the game is awesome. its similar to corpse party and the atmosphere is good. all i wish is that there will be a voiceover for the sequel.

DAMN this game is so good!

The main character looks cute

Super fun and amazing game. Didn't make it out alive on my first play-through. Just means I will have to try again.


No other endings at the moment I think. It's a Demo. We have to patiently wait a full game. Or an update at least.

Very interesting concept. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the future.

wow! this is so crazy! a need more!!
it make me feel between Alice in Wonderland and horror movies. the musics make a fantastic atmosphere. the girl being skeptical during the introduction, makes the story even more real and intriguing.
I look forward to the full version.

this game looks awesome!! and it is! lol. a great work so far! :33

Omg i was so scared 

this game was so nice please release the entire game !

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I ofigel s etoy game. I want bol'she takih games on future!!!!

Let me translate:

This game make me go nuts. I want more games like this in the future!!!!


Just finished playing! Beautiful art and good plot, i'll we waiting for the final game :D

I loved this game so much! its was like 4:56 AM when I played this!! so spooky vibes >.<


I absolutely loved the game. The art is wonderful, the music is beautiful and creates different atmospheres, and the story looks really interesting, can't wait to see how it goes.

I really liked this game, I loved the look and the drawings, not to mention the music, I highly recommend it!

This was sooo good. Highly recommend!

just finished this now and it's amaizing!!! looking forward to how this project goes!! goodluck <3


I always had a interest with game designs like this and this game really made me get into them. Amazing atmosphere and I loved the little details put into it. I can't wait to see the full release and see what is to come of the amazing project!


Thank you so much! :) 


Hey, I've just finished Project Kat and I liked it pretty much! Thank you!

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We recently started a YouTube channel and this was the first playthrough we've done so far. We really like to draw and their art style is what convinced us to play the game. We are really excited for what awaits us when the full game is released. As a demo, the devs really did a great job! That cliffhanger is vv gucci and it made us want to know what surprises the game has yet to offer. We are keeping our eyes on you project Kat!

Hey if you wanna watch a playthrough, might as well check out our channel!  10/10 fun and content AHAHAHAH! °○°

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this is the best game ever haven't played one these pixel horror games in a while so i was really excited and it was amazing reeeeeeally looking forward to another game from you guys keep the good work 

Looking forward to everything else it has to ever, really excited for it. I suggest you give it a try. Here's my playthrough of it!

this is super cute and creepy at the same time and i want more. it's a shame that at the start it gives you the expectation of there being alt choices, but the only alt choice i could really find was at the start


Thank you!! There are several other choices throughout the game, but only one ending for the prologue! ^^

It's a great short demo! Love the atmosphere and also I am excited for the full release to come out! Wish for deep character development later on and expect more exciting stuff from you.

Awesome game and as a Youtuber this is a really nice horror game good job

it's amazing and I would love to play a full game of project Kat

This is so atmospheric! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm excited to see what the developers come up with next!


Awesome game! It spooked me the hell out. Out of all rpgmaker type horror games I've played this is definitely one of my favorites. Loved the atmosphere, the sound design, and how everything ties in to make this horror experience.

very good game!

the game was great, I liked the sense of atmosphere and found myself snickering at the fun dialogue.

i only had 1 problem, it was strange that certain things didnt read on the controller but I played an early version so it may just be me.

overall 8/10

I loved your little game,  I got the chills playing the game and I am very curious were the story is going to lead to. I played it on my channel. Thank you and I can't wait to see/play more!

Hi! I loved this game, it was very pleasant to play! I would love to play the full version so I'm keeping an eye on you (⊙︿⊙✿)

I also made a video of the gameplay. You can watch it here if you want!

Thank you so much for the experience, it was awesome! ❤

This game was amazing! I made a lets play on it and I will be up on my channel at this link: I hope you all will check me out, and thank you so much to the developers for making this game. I have already recommend this to others, this was actually recommend to me by someone else. I really enjoyed it.

It's amazing! Very interesting and I loved the details! All the arts, the pixelart, the little animations.. Everything! It's very well-done and I would like to play it again when it's complete! 

You guys did an amazing job! 

really like it good job <33

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the game has a great atmosphere and creates an aura of anxiety and a feeling of always being observed. It offers a good graphic level and a good pixel-art.  I'm waiting for a version that offers me a wider psychology of characters.

Great work!

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