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quisiera que esté en español UnU

liked the game a lot, made me feel a little chilly. graphics are cute/good but wish there was more internal monologue w the objects or more to interact with in the multiple door hallway part! super nice

I really enjoyed this game hope the full version will come out soon


This Game is Amazing ,Really looking forward to the full version !!!

The Immersive experience is great, Loved the art and music , and the small twists/easters in the game .

this looks super cool could you please make it a 32 bit download?

Hey there! A bit late but 32-bit Windows support is out :)


Loved this, I do wish the story was explained a bit further or maybe do a a part 2. I wish we got some thoughts off the main character, like when she finds a sign or something, some things had it and some did not. This just reminds that I LOVE the style of these games. It was very well done. Can not wait to see more from ya!!

It was super exciting to play the game! It gave me that spooky feeling and always made me wonder what could be next! My notes:

- more items for find/use are needed, especially during the second phase

- the main character needs to be a bit more brave/confident, just a bit

- maybe the main character could talk back at times when she reads some signs, so we could know how she feels

That wraps it up, a huge thank you for being so creative and sharing this creativity with the community! Best of luck to your future projects!

awesome game! the art is super but i hope to see the story line explained further. i also found that the screen went black at certain parts like entering the fairly normal door and the other door aswell. idk if its meant to be like that but i had to turn the game off and back on 2 times to continue , anyways i cant wait to see this game grow ^^

Amazing gamee!!!

Compelling game with beautiful art and a very interesting story. I'd love to see more. <3

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This is actually a really cozy experience! I really love Godot Engine, so the things you're doing here are super awesome for me. The game itself plays really well, and there's only a few issues I could spot. I'll shoot you a bug report to your e-mail as well.

Music, art style and dialogue are definitely peak for me. Sound design-wise there's a few issues - I believe the blip sound rate for dialogues is a bit excessive, and causes individual blips to cut each other off, causing clipping. It's grating on the ears, so you could either make it so individual blips can never play over each other (wait for previous blip sound to finish before playing the next one), or make it so blip sounds only play once per every two letters (the way Ace Attorney handles it).

Additionally, I ran into a bug with the sliding table puzzle, where sometimes (somewhat rarely, but it managed to happen once per classroom) a single keypress to move in a direction would register twice, causing the table to overshoot - I have a couple of guesses why this happens. It could be related to the frame skip option (I have it on V-Sync), or it could be the _process(delta) function not using the delta. Alternatively, I could guess you are using _physics_process(delta) instead, which you shouldn't do unless physics are actually involved. Ofc without seeing the code, I can only guess and grasp at the information that's available to me, but hope this little insight is helpful.

Oh and the art - I'm extremely impressed with it. The characters are expressive, and I really like the face and pose variety for each character. The pixel art is also suitable. I like what you did with the classrooms and how there's some light coming in from the south side, though weirdly enough, the middle classroom lights overlay the character, while other classroom lights disappear under the light2d emitting from the character. Is it a missing mask?

There's not many music tracks on display yet, but what I'm hearing right now does the job very well. My favorite track is definitely the "school at night" one, though it might be because I've listened to it the most to get really familiar with it due to gameplay.

Finally, the dialogue, and the amount of choices you let players handle, is staggering. The way how you can seamlessly be a nice person (making friends with the girls) or an asshole (using their strand of hair instead of your own) without any "morality indicator" outside of immediate consequence of your actions makes the game feel a lot more personal, even if those choices have no impact on the story or ending you obtain (maybe a yes/no option when you use scissors on a girl would be helpful to warn the player they can do this kind of thing, though). I would hope for there to be multiple possible routes depending on how much of a dick you want to be to people around you, I would be fine even if there's just one satisfying conclusion that makes sense regardless of the choices the player is allowed to make.

Sorry to prattle on about this game, I'm just really excited for the project and I want to see it grow into something amazing. You did an awesome job with the first impressions, now to knock it out of the ball park with the full release! Best of luck :)

EDIT: Oh yeah, any plans to release the source code for just the engine once it's in a spot you want it to be? It would be an amazing resource with what you have already!

WOAH AMAZING! I absolutely love it! <3 Worth my time to play it.

Not a huge fan of anime, but this is legitimately good :) I'm excited to see what else you guys will bring to this game! :)

Wow! This game is really amazing. I am so invested into the story right now and I'm so glad there's going to be more of this! The art style is also so beautiful and when I finished I was like "I want more of this game!" So thank you to the devs for this wonderful game!

This game is amazing! I have no words to describe how much I want to play everything, really, that's awesome.

Overall, this game is a amazing. I have a soft spot for RPG games and this was great. The idea of the plot was interesting and the end truly makes players want to see a full game. The art style was gorgeous and the cheeky remarks every now and then made this so relatable. The pacing ,music  , atmosphere all contributed to the feel and emotion of the game. It was short and sweet but I  would love to see more of this game. And as you can see, I really enjoyed playing. Keep up the great work!

This game is really great,  the art is awsom, the soundtrack really brought me in the mood of the game, the story seems interesting, i really want to know more. I'll definetly follow the game's updates §

¡Ya quiero jugar el juego completo! La pase muy bien <3
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I really loved this game, I wish it has a longer gameplay and has a good ending, I love everything about this game!! How about a little bit of jumpscare inserted, no? Hahahaha

Anyways, again, I love this game, I hope it will be updated :D



I never coment on the internet, but this game deserve it. The art style is great, and also the soundtrack of  the game matches the atmosphere that you wanted to have. Another great point is, how the interaction of the characters doesnt feel force. 

You did an excellent  job and I am  excited to see more of  this game!  :3

Wow, I can't overstate  how much I enjoyed this! Loved the art and the atmosphere, I can't wait to see what is next from you guys!

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amazing game! one thing though, can you add button remap settings? i'm so used to C as use/select key and Z as the special on other games...

EDIT: one more thing haha, maybe you could hide the cursor if it's on the game window

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I really enjoyed playing Project Kat, even though it's unfinished.

Overall, the game has many endearing qualities to it; the sounds and visuals invite a wave of nostalgia which seems to be reminiscent of the 2000s/2010s horror RPG games (think Mad Father) that were quite popular for their time. You can't help but think a team of developers were devoted to working on this game to make it the best it could and will be.

I will continue to follow updates surrounding this game and support it, and I suggest anyone reading this to do so too as well as try out the game for themselves, as it seems a lot of thought and work has been put into it thus far. 

Great work :)

edit: it seems this comment should've been put on a rating.


What A Great Experience Friend 

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Great start! I especially enjoyed the character interactions, as well as the music - both were surprisingly top-notch. That's not to speak poorly of the other elements, either: the artstyle is really cute, plus the atmosphere is a comfortable kind of creepy. Not too much, but enough to keep you on your toes. Nice gameplay, too.


i really liked this game in general the art the game play the story every thing keep up the good work.


Such a well made game with quality design! The doors part was a little confusing (took awhile to find the key) but everything else went great. Wish I could use WASD and mouse instead of arrows since that's what I'm used to. It was so sad by the end I hope you continue the story! Also curious if there are/will be multiple endings since it kind of alludes to that in the beginning.

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there is another ending, but you have to do some different things first.

I won't tell you how to do it but I will give you a hint:

Remove the flowers, don't put the flower in the last pot.


Fantastic, is a really good game with much potential, i loved it, the art design is amazing, the sound is so good, definitely a good game.

That was amazing! Thank you so much for making this and I know you've heard it so much already, but I would lose to see whats next for this!

I was really not expecting that, but wow. It was a great game! All of the art was amazing 




dude one of the best horror games ive ever played i loved ever second of it you did a great job and i would for you to finish it i would love to make video on this game wants my channel is good and ready keep making awesome games like this one much love

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great job with the ambiance! perfect horror rpg game! I haven't seen a good one for a while and this is really good! Kept me little freaked out and honestly it was just right amount of scary!

holy CRAP this was good! i'm a huge fan of rpghorror and this delivers. loved the spooky atmosphere, a+++ art, and delicious spice of blood n guts near the end! really excited if you choose to finish this!

I've been a big time fan of JRPG horror games for a long time, and I really liked what I played! This fits that feel perfectly.Thanks for making it, and thanks for scratching that JRPG horror itch.

Loved this! Reminded me of classics like ib and yumi nikki while still being it's own unique thing! One suggestion is you can make the puzzles harder, the desk puzzles felt too easy. Otherwise loved the art, characters and pacing. Looking forward to more backstory for Kat in the final game.

what an amazing game i hope the full version is pretty great too

This was SO GOOD! I'm super happy that I found this game!

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Lmaoo I just played this a few minutes ago, And I was pretty negative during my first playthrough (and only play through) by legit using the hairpin to break into the theater room, and cutting the ponytail girls's hair, and of course putting the flower in the vase. When I first got to the other side I tried to use the hairpin to break into the door but it sadly broke, I honestly am so happy there are more ways to interact in the game that I didn't know about!

So is the game complete? It would seem so from the description, but a bunch of comments below refer to a full version.

This was AMAZING !!! :D 

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