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This game was truly fantastic, the quality, storyline, art style and gameplay in general is seriously one of it's kind!

I'd love to see more of your games in the near future! :D


aaaaaa im so devastated that it ended so quickly..i think the game is giving me half cute and half scary atmosphere  but both works so well! Good luck on your next project :)


Wow so good need more !!!!


Such a fantastic game with tons of replay value and left me wanting more!!

Cant wait to see whats next!!


The graphic, I like. The eerie music background, very eerie. The story, I like. All of them show how much your teams work hard on this. I really fancy the drawings (as an anime enthusiast). But, as a easy-to-scare person, I took a couple of breaks in between game because my heart can't take it. I hope when the game finish, I can also finish it (playing till the end). Thank you for the amazing game. 


Thank you for the nice comment!! We also hope you'll be able to finish it :'D We're keeping the horror mostly on the "light" side so that more people can enjoy the game! :) 


Great Game with cute graphics. This game maynot be enough to scare you but this game at the end left me feeling sorry for the poor little girl which is something more disturbing than being scared


the game is really great but I just see that she have no action of the shadow on the window and the dead girls body but I love to play it again tho I wounder if there a good ending tho  


Hahaha I really loved the chalkboard interaction.


Loved your game. Honestly got scared during the "count to 100." It gave big undertale vibes, and I absolutely loved it. Thank you, and I wish you luck on the larger project. However, the alert bubbles were reeally loud, and no setting seemed to fix that

Thank you so much! Also, the volume on the alert bubbles is actually a bug, we'll have it fixed in the next version! Sorry about that :') 


Well worked on and the jumpscares work. The simplicity is the magic and ofcourse the great artwork should be praised. Please really do finish this.


*leaves short comment*

ill rate after i play



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After viewing the small trailer on the homepage, I wasn't really sure what to expect. However, as I played, I enjoyed the game more and more as the story, although short, progressed.

I thought that the main character had a well-defined personality; one that deviates from most main characters from games of the same genre. It was very nice… for the most part. I would have liked to see Kat’s mental deterioration a little more. When she eventually finds her way to the small room, the complete jump in pacing was very jarring to me. One moment she’s creeped out, but the next she’s having a complete meltdown. I think this would be easily remedied if she was shown to react a little more to what is going on, or at least show something traumatic that shows her that she is actually in danger. The other characters weren't as fleshed out, though I think they were mainly used as a means of shock towards the end, which is understandable.

The atmosphere and overall tone were handled very well... again, for the most part. It starts with something somewhat whimsical before being brought back to reality and establishing a somewhat neutral, yet eerie, tone. Towards the end, though (and this goes along with the character summary), I think having a little more disturbing, or unsettling, imagery or events happen BEFORE the scene in the small room would make the end of the demo feel much more natural.

I would typically put something in here about the puzzles, but puzzles in the beginning of any RPG-Maker-style game aren’t much to write home about. Though, I was happy with their inclusion nonetheless.

Overall, I thought the characters and the story were well written and the atmosphere was handled with care. I can't wait to see where the story goes next. Will certainly be looking out for either another chapter, or the full release.

Hope development goes well~

Good Gaming Experience 

Thank you for taking the time to write down all your thoughts! And thank you for playing! :) You're entirely right about Kat's progression and the atmosphere, we'll work on it!


I love it. It's a good prologue, you should make the complete game asap, I can't wait to play the full game. The graphic is simply amazing and cute. The movement key and control are pretty easy, and the story is cool, I love this game.  It's cute but also dark ❤ 


Amazing, simply amazing. i was hooked from the start, i had chills throughout the entire time. i hope this becomes a full game. i still have chills even after playing


this game is amazing! i was paranoid the entire time, waiting for a jumpscare or something to happen. walking down the halls with the little notes had my lil heart beating so fast! i really hope this turns into a full game cause it was so fun to play.


This game was absolutely amazing! I just loved every second of playing the game. I really liked the story behind it and and the style of the game. The vibes it gave off and how much blood there was, was perfect for a horror game like this. Honestly can't wait for more of Project Kat to be released and future games you plan to publish!


This was such a good game! I also really liked the into scene. The ending wasn't what I was expecting but it was still amazing

Adoro jogar jogos de terror e não jogo muitos por causa que têm perseguição, e eu entendo que é algo que ajuda o jogo a ser mais assustador, mas não tenho jeito rsrsrsrs.  Por causa disso fiquei muito feliz a descobrir este jogo que deixou-me completamente tensa com o ambiente que consegiu criar e a música perfeitamente encaixada em cada cena. Continuem o bom trabalho 

I finished it! Tip: don't put as much blood its wierd and kinda scary, when i saw the "theres alot of glore JOKING" i was like "not much blood" when i played the game i was like "BLOOD EVERWHERE"



Pretty sure thats the point lo

Yeah I Hope The Full Game Won't Add Too Much Blood Is Too Dark

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Part 1 of my playthrough is out now: Part 2 comes out tomorrow, and if you’re more interested in hearing feedback I leave most of it at the end of Part 2.

(Spoilers Ahead)

To summarize, I enjoyed this game. I think it did a lot right with the atmosphere and writing, and that intro is without a doubt one of the absolute best intros I have ever scene. However, while playing some things in the moment threw me off. I wouldn’t say things like the desk pushing puzzle or the seemingly rapid pace Kat experiences mental decline inside of the fairly normal looking door ruined the game for me, but they weren’t ideal, especially the later scene. While looking back on that scene now I find it more passable, in the moment I was confused on what the tone of that scene was trying to be, and it felt kind of unearned when Lat had her mental breakdown in the elevator. That might just be me, but I figured I’d let you know! Congrats on having a successful launch, and best of luck with your game!


Wow Interesting 


Thank you so much for playing and for the constructive comment! :) You're definitely right, we'll work on that! 
We will watch your video tomorrow :) 

(Also, I never knew how much I wanted to be called a crouton until I watched the first 2 seconds of your video. 
- Kai, the artist, a big fan of bread. )

Glad to see a new member of the croutons <3 Hoping you enjoy the videos, and I’m glad you found the criticism helpful! You’ve got a fantastic game here that really inspired me to add some elements to my own. Great job you guys!

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Yeah Great Game Leef6010 I Hope That The Full Game Will Be Release Soon :) 🙂❤️ 


We really enjoyed your playthrough!! Your voice was very soothing asdadsf

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! And thank you for taking the time to watch :)


Just played through the game and got your message to leave feedback!

I will upload the video on my YouTube May 23rd (LiterateLimpy, if you'd like to see my reaction to your game,) because it was so awesome! I want to share this game with my subs to give you guys support but obviously I only have 25 subs so it won't get very much exposure but i hope that at least 1 of my viewers will play it!

I loved the atmosphere and style and can't wait for the after prologue version! Please make it, this was one of the best"prologues" I have played. Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with!


That's make me too


The art style of this game was fantastic and I love when it switched between different perspectives with different art. The intro will definitely stick with me for a while- it was entirely unexpected and it really prepared me to think about my choices during the game.

you guys are so talented, great game!

I loved this game,  the art is fantastic! I'm going to surely buy it when came out the full version. The story is really good, and obviously remember the good old times when rpg maker was famous than ever.

I loved the story! Great game so far, keep up the good work!

Story is easy to digest and the music was wonderful. Looking forward to future developments!

Nice story. this game would be amazing.

amazing! Really good game I loved it!


Loved it and would love to see the full version! Really enjoyed the multiple solutions to problems!

And... could I suggest one tiny little thing? I took Ponytail Girl's notebook but didn't give it back to her, so when I saw her again toward the end, I thought it would be only right that I should be able to give it back to her then. Something like "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kept this."


Defending Of Your Decision What You Play My Good Friend Hope We Find Out More In The Full Release 

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As I remember, you can give the red notebook back even if you steal the key. I think there are two options here - if you give it back before cutting her hair, she just calls Kat "weirdo". If you cut her hair first - I think she calls Kat b**ch.

Defending Of Your Decision Or Choices 


I was trying to speak more vaguely to avoid spoilers.

I meant the very end, when you find her dead body. I picked the lock to the theatre room using my hairpin, which I found at another desk, so I still had her notebook when I found her body. It was her hair that I cut for the ritual, so I felt kinda responsible for her death.

Not sure thing that they are dead. It easy could be an illusion to break Kat's mind. We'll wait and we'll see.

That's A Good Point Let's Wait For The Full Release 

Please do the full game! it was super good!

me encantaria que sacaran la version completa de este juego, ya que su historia y puzzles son de lo mejor :)


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I love it! its a really amazing game^^ you all did really really great

It's amazing this game, I think that this game It will become a piece of art in the horror games, I really want to play the full version, all my love for this project :D

Wow, that was an amazing game. Can't wait for the full game!

lo necesito en español :(((

This game overall is incredible. All i got to say is i cant wait for the rest of the story!

...and your not idiots, nice game. 

this is such a good game holy shit ! i love horror games in this style and i love kat - i'm definitely interested in the full game when it ( hopefully ) comes out !

does this game have multiple endings?

One Ending Only On Demo Version But In Full Game Probably They Well Add It

very possible

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