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It's so refreshing to have a bad end to a horror RPG!

Yeah Bad Ending Is Not My Good Experience 

Great game. Uh, real excited for the final release. o-o (pls release soon)

Streamed it to my friends on discord. We all really really loved it. i even put a reminder in my indie games folder to don't forget to check on this game.

Can't wait for the final release it was amazing

Loved the atmosphere, the art, the setting and some mechanics (like the hairpin used as a picklock). The intro and the first part of the game were very intriguing and well set up, but in the second part (post ritual) it was a bit meh, like my hype slowly went away. But I'm very relieved to see that this is actually a some sort of demo? Dunno if I got it right, but if this was to be developed completely that would be very promising. Hope you'll keep working on this project!

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this is a well-made game even if is just a short game, i love love love love the dynamic of the game, keep up! I'm looking forward to the release of the full version!!

Can't wait for more of this! Keep up the good work! :)

I'm looking forward to the release of the full version. Thank god that this was just a demo because there was no way a game this well made was free to play. Kudos to the creators :D


Incredible, good narrative, setting in addition to making me feel strange and scared.
It's perfect i hope you can finish it

Happy to hear it's a prequel, as this felt very short. On the bright side, that means I want to keep playing! I hope I get to play more of this in the future.

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I loved it so much i made an account so i could comment. Gonna keep a close eye on the development of the game so when its fully released i can get it.


Honestly you guys scared the fuck outta me. 10/10 pog game.

A well made creepy game! Can’t wait for the full game!!!

This is one of the greatest rpg games I have ever played! Will there be another part to it? 

It's a great game, and it's entertaining

this game is really fun and entertaining

Great game! Thank you for making it!

I was very impressed by it!
Variety of actions is amazing, Kat is really interesting one, and atmosphere is do good!

Waiting for the full version!

An extremely well made game. It's very eerie and uncanny in a way. Diffidently a 5/5. :D

A bit short but damn that was very interesting and good !
big 5 stars for me

oh my GOD! For the first game you guys created, this is tense.. I love it!

This was fun and atmospheric. I enjoyed playing it. The puzzles were pretty simple, which was nice.

However, I do hope that certain actions will matter more in the completed game. For example, I had the Protection Rune and it didn't do anything. I also chose not to use Kat's hair for the ritual (because you really shouldn't use something of yourself for a ritual, unless it's something positive), but that didn't seem to matter either.

Perhaps they did matter, but I've read that the ending is the same no matter what and the decisions really don't affect much. This seems to be the case, which is disappointing.

I look forward to the full game!

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There Is One Alternate Ending That I Saw From ManlyBadassHero Video That The Ending Added A Little Line. There Is A Possibility That You Can Change The Ending In What You Decision But For ManlyBadassHero The Ending  Added A New Line When Kat Say  Her Last Word Said "I Don't What To Die" And The Added Line Was  The Unknown Person On Front Of Her Said "Why Not?. Everyone Try It At Least Once. I Don't Know How He Did It The Video Has  A Cut Scene That Forward The Video Is Hard To Watch How He Did It. But You Can Watch If You Like Friend If You Are Disappointed I Understand What Have You Experience Played The Game 

Also The Rune Is Not Useless The Rune Protect You When Doing The Ritual Or Something Like That.

"Stay Safe "

I really loved this game! I would love to see a full version in the future

So lovable!!

First of all: great game so far, very catchy atmosphere. am hyped for the continuation.

just one question, is there some page describing all the different ways the player can impact how the game plays out?

loved it lol had a lot of fun translating it too. the atmosphere shift halfway through was really nice. good luck with the rest of the project. I hope you guys manage to finish it.

pra quem quiser ver o jogo em portugues:


I'm definitely looking forward to more of this!

The prologue is great! Hope you'll keep working on this project cuz it's really catchy and spooky.

Me gusto mucho, espero que lo terminen 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 10/10

It was really good! I don't have any complaints. Can't wait for the rest of tem game!

yo tengo un problema ya cuando lo iba a terminar el juego se me trabo y salia entonces tuve que reiniciar la pc y ahora que queria darle a continuar se me cierra el juego , es buen juego solo quiero que arreglen eso

Sinceramente, para estar hecho solo por 2 personas, es un juegazo. La historia no es para nada cliché, y se cuenta de una muy buena forma. Y sobre el tema visual, simplemente increíble. Los diseños son brutales. Espero qué podais terminar el juego. Suerte!

el juego me encantó!!! Es un juego que te atrapa del primer momento, Tiene una muy buena trama hasta ahora, Esta muy bien detallado y el arte es Hermoso Sinceramente, Y solo dos pensonas Haciendolo???!! Eso es Un Logro muy Grande, los juegos de este tipo me gustan y mucho más ahora, Espero q puedan desarrollarlo completo y Que sigan teniendo este gran apoyo, conocí este juego desde un gameplay de YOUTUBE, con una persona Llamada *Kahuna Games*, Y es lo apoya muchisiml tambien, bueno no me queda nada más a decearles Suerte en su Camino!! ;D Ittekimasu~ <3

Es un juego bastante bueno con una gran narrativa de por medio, junto con su arte conceptual usada es de apreciar, será asombroso que continúe, se agradece su gran trabajo.

someone tell me how do you make such a amazing game that scares the un scare-able?!?!?!

Good Question 

Muy buen juego, me encantó

this game is amazing and I love everything about it, very good job :D

This game is well drawn and amazing! Can't wait to see what happens next! :)


My more art! #CutieFoxyGirl

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Nice Art Friend Also That FoxyGirl Clothes Remains Me Of Kat Uniform That's A Good Style For Her Nice Draw

Hi! We would appreciate it if you could keep your comments relevant to Project Kat!

Thank you ^^ 

Me Or Him/Her Am Confused 

Just Saying😐

It was directed to XxDemiLovatoxX  ^^

Oh yeah! CANT WAIT FOR WHAT'S next!!!!

Wait tell me something... What platform do you use???

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The beginning of great RPG horror. It scares with the atmosphere, not with jumpscares. That's why I love it. I can't wait for full game realization.


Just WOW! I really enjoyed the superb story-telling and character design combined with fantastic visuals and cut scenes.  The sprites and environments were top notch.  The whole package really brought this world to life, and I am super excited to share this prologue with others and play the final release.  Really loved it!  

Is this game  was meant for 64 bit?? cause I can't play  it with my 32 bit laptop

Hey there! A bit late but 32-bit Windows support is out now!

Cool! Already played it and I love the style and the art! Can't wait to see the next story.

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