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I just finished playing and let me just say I was blown away.  THIS IS INCREDIBLE. You guys are really really talented and I can't wait to play more!!! 11/10.  


I loved that <3

U did very good job :D

It's such a masterpiece! i would recomend my friend to play this game

holy shit that was amazing you made the characters adorable, the audio charming and hilarious, and it was pretty spooky I really hope you make something more off of this because I enjoyed it immensely and it appears everyone else did too


This was absolutely amazing!! I cant wait to see the final bigger project!

this is just the right level of unsettling and creepy without being over the top, I love it! Im looking forward to playing whatever comes next :)

Nice to meet you! I am Japanese!
This game was so interesting that I posted a video on YouTube!
Complete the I'm looking forward to it!


I loved it. The art and story look promising. I will be looking forward for this project

Such a great game! I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the full version.


:) Soon

This game was da bomb so you better make the full game da nuke

I trully loved this game, i know this is a prologue but it was awesome, and btw, I'm sans lol. Pls, release more episodes of the game :'3

I am still confused about the ending, but it was still a great game!


You Got The Bad Ending Friend:(

Soon Good Ending Is Coming:)

Perfect for spooketh season. Loved it can't wait for more. <3

This is a wonderful game! I love all of the work put into this and wish you the best with other games you make!

hi, I have a question- How to save the game? I know that there was a warning when I started, but now I am stuck at one objective ant I wwant to  finish it later  :<

I loved this! Can't wait for more \ouo/

Me encanto el juego, ojala deponiendo de la decisión habría otros finales, pero de todas formas no deja de ser bueno!!! 

Absolutly loved this!!!! Please make moreee

HI, I LOVED THIS GAME!! Do you have an instagram or a page where you post content? <3


Thank you so much! We're most active on Twitter right now! We also post devlogs here on =D

¡Me encantó!, quedé fascinada con el juego. ♥

Ese prologo de verdad ME ENCANTO demasiado, me quede con ganas de seguir jugando, para ser corto estuvo muy bueno, espero algún día si lo terminan jugarlo :)


It's true, all of the comments.
This prologue, this introduction will want you hope a full game comes out one day.

Really hope the developers will get back to this after Lacie :)
But considering this is their first project, and their new found experience is leading to the next game, Lacie.

Well, let's see if Lacie get us funding for the development of the game.


I like this a lot. Can't wait to see more. <3

i love it. it’s so well done, can’t wait to see what it will be like when it’s complete :)

I created an account just to say that it is a great game I hope they finish the prologue they are doing (this was translated by the translator, sorry if you do not understand anything xdxxd), postscript: Kat really died ???
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Such a nice game    :D

Please do not mind rest of the comment if you don`t want to.

Only thing I can think of not adding up is the personality-change at the end.

Its unrealistic, also there was no events adding up to it.

I have watched a lot of spooky stuff so If there were a couple more scenes between the Exit door and classroom ghosts scene, it would be great which showed Kat slowly turning that way.

Also, if this is no good then the end scene could be Kat not that badly shaken.

Plus, The classroom ghosts are shown full for whole 3 scenes.

It could be the first scene of ghost classroom with only eyes.

Second with eyes and hands

Third with nothing.

The nothing shows that Kat is already out of her mind and then the normal the Exit door end scene plays but instead of cruchy noice, it should be slash noise or boil noise since the bodies shown were slashed and the only other villain thing can be goo hence boil sound.

Plus if more horror or dementia component is good then show her successfully getting out through the door and going into her mother`s arms then only to find out she(Kat) is already dead and slashed.

If you read through this, thanks. Just giving opinion.

Very nice game by the way.


This is a really good feedback. I agree with this. Especially that transition part was unrealistic. 

would not let me play it but looks like a cool game!

This game so far is so amazing, the art is super good and the story i love, i was super intrigued by the story, keep up the work, this game is gonna be amazing.

Loved it <3


I was disappointed when the game ended, but that was because I really liked it and I want to play more. You have really good style of graphics and this bit you created is really enjoyable. I give you 5 stars together with hope for you to finish the project


This game is sooo amazing! i really liked it and i'll definitely play the whole game! can't wait!!


Picked this to play with my friend only cause my name is Kat but it was so good and beautifully made like what!! Literally cant wait for the full thing ahhhhh!!!

I came back here after I downloaded the game to just watch the animation and the way it was made to get ideas, but instead I got lost into playing the game and man I must say I am blown away by how it is made, good job though I rate this game a 5/5 star for music, puzzles, story line based on my opinion!


This was lovely, didn't expect this to be so high quality (^_^)


Me encanto el juego tanto gráficamente como en cuestiones de historia,  espero poder ver el proyecto porque la verdad si me gusto mucho el juego. :)

the artstyle is great and the visual graphics are gorgeous! this was a very fun gameplay, in fact, it's hard to believe that this is your first project.  I really recommend it to fellow horror RPG fans! : )

Me cagué toda♥, por eso lo considero un buen juego♥ Espero la secuela con ansias :DDDDDD El arte precioso junto con el Soundtrack, Bravo!


i'm a horror RPG lover and this game really brought me the nostalgia from when I was younger and would play this type of game. you guys did a great job! <3 I loved it and I'll definitely play it when you release a full version

Soon It Well

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i love it

ame el juego! <3<3<3<3  

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