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This game has a lot of potential. I can't wait to play the full game. I have a question. How old is Kat? Is she a high school or a middle school student?

She A High Schooler So I Guess Middle High School I Think 🤔

A fun teaser! I am looking forward to the full game and the promise of 'there is always another way.' Very ambitious stuff! Nice work.

We hope you can continue this :) 

how do you save?

can't wait for the full version my heat is pumping like a train

This is so cool game!! I love this so much.

This was awesome!!  I'm on my second playthrough as I type this. But I loved...well, everything about it. The sound design and pixel art especially. Very awesome, I can't wait to see what you all do with your larger project. You are very good at what you do.

Looks and plays great! Good music. I'd definitely be in for the full version.

loved the game. the music is great and the concept is fun. the sprites and the art are nice too. cant wait for the full game to come out!


Cool artworks! Love the art-style and atmosphere :з
Thanks for macOS build :D

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   I started the game, first location - normal tutorial, just entry to the game like in every other game. But is it?

  Lets start with gameplay. We get 2 options in the very beginning, with 2 different outcomes, what is rather unusual, especially for game that is looking so simple.Making more options and paths for players to follow is a brilliant idea and I know multiple people who like having options and not to just follow linear game that is forcing you to do only what creators want you to do. How ever,  from such a simple locations we could already get a lot more. For example: 

-take one of the red flowers from around the trees and use it (you don't need any tool to pick up a flower),
-take a rock from the ground or break a branch to try to destroy a window. I know that it is not a full game and you would have to do a lot more to add multiple options, but i thing that it would be worth it (maybe in full game?).
   I like idea, taht you have to use manually item in your inventory, not like in some games that are just like "you have it, you use it immediately". Having to use it manually is adding a little bit of thinking in what you can, and what you should do. How ever, I am worried that at some point, inventory might be full of things (in full game) and scrolling to find something will be painful, boring, and irritating. So maybe something like single equipped slot would solve problem in future. For example lighting up all candles manually, but with equipped lighter in hand.
  The beginning of the game was giving us options, we (players) could go nearly what we wanted (as long as it was logical). But later in a game we started to loose freedom of moves. 
Why I couldn't messed up a ritual? Just add simple thing - you use other combination (first desks, than candles, than lines) and demon will kill you, or it will not work at all. I liked that we could open and close window, but why we couldn't cover it with a curtain later like we did to all other windows.
When girls from room were gone, nothing was stopping us from doing so.Those things are not very important, but they would add to feel of freedom and add a little bit to immersion.
   I know that if you would add everything possible, it would be a full game and it was not purpose of it yet, but I would like to see something like this in a full game.

  Now it is time for artwork. When I saw a game graphics I was thinking "Well normal pixel game, but actually I like this a little more detailed, but still pixelated style" . But than I saw tutorial informations. So simple, but so fitting and different from what we saw couple seconds ago. And later those beautiful drawings of characters. I might be bias because I am a weeb, non the less, artwork in the game was very fitting, atmosfer created by it was just right, not too dark, but dark enough to create feeling of uncertainty. All drawings, from tutorial messages to end scean were wery eye pleasing.

   Story. Story was not revealed immediately, but was revealed during game, what added mystery to it. New parts of world building were put in a game in very convenient way. If someone wanted, he could read everything, but didn't had to. Not complicated, but making logical sense.
Main character was very relatable and I felt like I am opening those last doors, and I would say probably this same as she did.

   All in all, for me this short prologue was a great experience. For a prologue 9,5/10. I am waiting for more greate creations of you.

Mmm Maybe


This game was amazing, very fun, great horror aspects, had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys an eerie, atmospheric game.  Art was very pleasing on the eyes.  10/10 would play again!!!

An amazing, wonderful game, the plot of the prologue was so short that I was wanting more, I play the Spanish version but the emotions are always the same, totally incredible, the character Kat is one with which I identify With the opinion of the paranormal it is very surreal, and I would put myself in its total situation with those same actions if I saw that what I believed was false would want to kill me, everything very achieved and I expect more from this project, perhaps now not because I am not financially good, but someday I would like if necessary to pay you for such a wonderful job, keep it up <3

This Game was absolutely amazing! I loved the plot of the game and i like how the demon was mentally breaking Kat,  most demons in horror games only physically hurt the protagonist of the game so this game is really unique! The character design is also cool! I also like how the hair of the character moves when she runs, it looks cool to me! :D

So to sum things up, the game is really great! 

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So, after having played the prologue some weeks ago, today I wanted to clean my room and was trying to decide which music I wanted to have in my background.

And I found the Project Kat main theme on my phone (which I yoinked from the game with Audacity after I played the game, sorry about that) ... So I set it to endless repeat.

And it really calmed me down and soothed my mind. And I'm actually NOT saying this because I want to simp for this game. It is what actually, genuinely happened.

And I'm grateful for that.

But that's actually not what made me want to write this comment.

The main reason is, that (while listening to it today) I reflected on my experience playing the game, and how it made me feel, and why I liked it so much.

And I think it is because, rather than a horror game, it is a game full of emotions. It is a gentle, a kind horror game. It is a story of a girl struggling to regain something which she lost, and which was very very dear to her. And it is a game about the hope, that she will find it again, eventually.

And I really think there should be more warm-hearted, meaningful games like this, instead of this endless spam of games were it is just about action and fun. I don't want to say that those are bad and that those dont have their place. It's just ... that I really would like for the people, the humans living in our world, to ... maybe to be more kind ... ...


I'd like to give all of you developers a long hug.


Wow Your Comment Looks Like You Almost🤓 Found The Answer A Little Bit And You Also Have A Great Heart ❤️ There Friend They Well Accept Your Kind 

Also There's Only Two Dev That Are Working Hard Creating The Full Game Soon


Hurry up,when the full version will came.


Wait Patiently Friend It Well Come Don't Be A Rush

jogo simplesmente incrível! música, arte e cenários agradáveis e muito bem feitos, com toda certeza esse vai pra lista dos meus jogos em 2d favoritos ❤️ansiosa pra continuação


WOW! I love it! I've been wanting the full version, and I hope it comes out soon. The music is beautiful, the drawings too. It's just beautiful! I'm really exited for the full version!


Very good. I'm exited for the full version.


I see a lot of shitty rpg horror games on here, but this one has me hooked. It would be an actual shame if this doesn't get fully realized because this is just something special.




AMAZING rpg... Can't wait for the full version!

Art, interactions with so many objects, and the 2D aspect just makes this game really good. It would be really sick if there was voice acting for the full version. 

The game was cute however right when I was getting hooked the game ended. Good work, I can't wait for the second part!


This is an absolutely charming little demo/tutorial for a cute horror RPG that's heavily inspired by anime/manga (think Another and Corpse Party) and freeware horror JRPGs (think Ib, Mad Father, and The Witch's House). Definitely check it out if you're into that sort of thing! (^• ω •^)


Comments for devs:

  • Gorgeous art and graphics! I especially like the tutorial art, the cute pixel graphics, and the animanga-inspired facial expressions. Kat's cat face :3  is the best.
  • The puzzles are quite easy, but that's to be expected from a tutorial. The desk puzzle (while easy) was very cute! 
  • I'm the type of person who will interact with every bookshelf, every trash can (lol), etc. Would be cool to have more interesting descriptions or Easter eggs or some kind of reward for looking around thoroughly, but maybe Kat just really dislikes school and finds it all boring and better scene interaction is coming? I wanna know more about the school/environment!
  • I quite like the pacing, music, and sense of immersion (especially the tutorial at the beginning – that was a good way to introduce the game's choice mechanic – and the maze scene). Also, I'm sure people have mentioned how cute and atmospheric the club room music is~
  • Kat's snark ('nuff said). She's awesome c:

Can't wait to find out more about Kat's motivations and play the rest of the game! The new PC also looks interesting. 

Great Comment 👍

Thank you so much for your comments :) They're very helpful! We're working hard on the next part! Hope you'll like it :D 

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the gameplay here (the game is the 3d there):


1. Darn A-MAZ-ING! I've palyed for a little bit in the video and I am so IMPRESSED! The fact that your actions impact the ending is awesome. I love how many choices there are even at the very start (I hope they all will matter in the full game)!

2. The art style is so cool! The game is so beautiful to look at (both the art and the game itself is super cool)!

3. The music in the room with girls deserves a point in the advanages. Please, pretty please, can this be played more often in the full game. 

4. There are so many interactable objects (which is not exceptional for this kind of games). BUT even each trashcan has it's own comment which does not repeat previous comments about trashcans. Even trashcans, man!

5. Butt.


1. The full game is supposed to have lots of endings. I think it would be nice to add in-game achievements, the name of which could be a hint on what to change to get the specific ending.

2. Maybe it would be cool to voice act some lines or add voice cues so the player could imagine how the character sounds like (you don't have to voice act everything, you could do like Mad Father did (few sound cues for characters) or Corpse Party (some lines are voice acted))


This is so goos and promising. I am surprised it's free! When will the full version be out? I can't wait! 100/5! But I can not actually rate your game 100/5, so I'll rate 5/5 instead, OK?

Hope my feedback was useful!


I also think that some voice effects (like in Mad Father) would add to the atmosphere. Not sure if you would use Japanese voices/lines (I remember in Mad Father, Aya does shriek things like "iie" and "yada" a few times), but that would fit the game perfectly and would be great in key scenes.


Thank you for playing, and for your detailed comment! :) We'll address mainly the disadvantages (because there's definitely room for improvement) but we appreciate your other comments of course! (And the trashcans and butt are definitely an advantage, yes)

1. This is a good idea! We plan to have achievements in the game so we'll keep it in mind!

2. We will consider the idea of a partial voice acting, but unfortunately a full voice acting might not be possible due to the extra work and funding that it requires. We've decided to put that work/funding into other important parts of the development for now! 

We don't have a date yet for the full version! (It will take a long while :'D Making video games is hard) but we will announce it on and our twitter when we have one! So you can keep track of it if you need :) 

Thank you for replying!)

I was thinking about the point regarding in-game achievements, and I guess that would be really beneficial because it would extend the gameplay a lot. You could even add a secret, true ending after getting all the achievements (basically after getting all the other endings) which would be super cool! Maybe a little bit of 4th wall breaking would look nice as a secret ending?) Like when Kat would know that the player keeps replaying the game or something like that.

I just can't wait for the full game to come out!

I liked everything about this game, especially the drawing, it was so incredible, I liked the gameplay and the idea, but I did not understand the story very well 😅. I was hoping the game would be longer. I really enjoyed the game. Special thanks to the game team. "arigato"


Good game! i hope theres a second part!

There Is Friend Second Part Is Coming


Well this is amazing.


Made an account in just to tell you guys something: you're awesome. Can't wait to see more.

No you're awesome :D Thank you!


I really liked the concept of the game!! I look forward to playing the full version when it is finished

Just curious, what did you use to create this game?

Godot Engine :) 

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Here's the walkthrough, creepy letter and golden envelope :))

2 idiots? More like damn geniuses!

I love how stable the concept is. Most of the horror game focus on just the 'there's ghost. the end' concept. But your game took on the scientific explanation of ghosts BUT there's also what happened when it REALLY paranormal activity. 100/10. The creepiness is so on point. The dialogue make my hair stand. The butt. Beautiful game.


Mmm Nice Comment

wish there was more of a choice between good and bad endings over all a great game 

Is A Demo It Has Only One Bad Ending

Soon On Full Game There Well Be Multi Endings For Now😀


i just finished this litlle gem and honestly? i bloody love it, the idea of giving a player multiple options in a 2d horror game just completely caught me off guard! i hope that you guys will get to make it into a full game 

8/10 giveitatrymateitsverygood

They Well Friend

WHAT DID SHE SEE??!! really good game btw, can't wait to play the prologue, hopefully!


Full Game Still In Progress Soon We'll Be Release

I just recently downloaded an update to this game and windows immediately marked it as a serious threat and a trojan virus, can you explain this? Screenshot

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to write this. We assure you that Project Kat contains no viruses or malware.

As with any executable file on the internet, there's always a possibility of false negatives. A good way of telling if this is the case is checking virus total: Project Kat 64 bit and Project Kat 32 bit (v1.2.1) - As you can see there are 5 out of 66 anti-viruses that decided the 32 bit version may be dangerous (even though we compile both versions from the same code!), whereas zero did for the 64 bit version.

Anti-viruses tend to be overzealous about packed executables, especially unsigned ones. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether to trust a random game you downloaded from the internet, but at least make sure you downloaded it from this page and not some sketchy site!

(4 edits) (+2)

I did not really enjoy this on its own, but I can see groundwork building up a to a great full version. (mild spoilers)

The graphics are good. The VN parts show emotion in the classic manga way, but don't go over the top. I like that.

Billing this as a puzzle is a bit of a stretch. The items gathering part was close to a puzzle, but didn't give you much information, so it didn't even feel like a problem-solving exercise. It felt like "interact with all the things and then move on."

I enjoyed the beginning of the part where it brought up what Kat's disappearance would mean for others, but there was no bite to the insult because (regardless of the canon), it didn't feel to me that Kat got herself into this situation. I would rework this part to include Kat hurting/insulting her [spoiler], and didn't get to apologize for. Bonus if she finds out that part of the ritual caused the hurt in the first place. Then you can add introspection later where Kat realizes what she should have done differently, and grows out of her immature mischievousness.

Rating of this short version is 4/10, but if this game gets a full version, I expect I'd give it 6/10.

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They Make There Own Way Friend 

Is There First Game Development

They Only Do In Their Free Time So Is Hard To Develop A Game When Theirs Something Do In Their Life


I know I didn't give many compliments, but I do think highly of the devs. They asked for criticism, and I like to be concise.


Hi there, thank you for your comments! :) 

We definitely agree that there's several parts in need of some heavy polishing (especially towards the end).

The puzzle aspect of our game is quite light since Project Kat is meant to double as a prologue, so the difficulty is of a tutorial-level. That said, the full game will concentrate more on the different choices you can make. Due to this, the difficulty in the puzzles might come from trying to find one specific solution (for example: finding out if you can befriend the three girls), while finding any solution at all should prove to be quite simple. We will however do our best to create a comfortable difficulty curve as the story progresses. It's obviously not fun if it's too easy (but it's not fun to get stuck either)!

As for your second point, you have some interesting ideas! That part of the game is a little wonky and we plan to fix several details for when we release the full game (as well as add choices and endings) , hopefully it will flow better once we change it.

Thank you for the constructive criticism! We'll do our best to turn your 6/10 into a 9/10 ;) Hope you'll play the full version!

We Hope So Too

Yeah! Is there a newsletter where I can be notified of the full version?


You can follow us here on, or on Twitter! We will definitely make a big fuss when we publish it :D


El juego esta genial. por si alguien que habla español quiere verlo aqui dejo mi video gracias




THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Nice name :D 

Hello! I downloaded your game (the 64bit version), but it won't do anything. According to Windows, it's running (because I couldn't delete it afterwards), but nothing happens, no screen pops up. I've tried restarting my computer, re-downloading it, and disabling my firewall, but nothing seems to work. I'm using Windows 10. I hope you can help me :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi there! That's very strange... Can you give us your computer specs (particularly video card)? Are you using a translation patch?

Alternatively, you can send us your logs folder located in %APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\Lacie Engine\ to and we'll take a look!

(1 edit)

Thanks for getting back to me!

First off, that folder doesn't exist on my computer. Was I supposed to install the game in a particular location?/Do I need other software to run the game? (If so, I'm sorry for missing that info)

I'm not using a translation patch.

Here are my specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, 4 mag, 4 logikai processzor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
  • Storage: I have more than a Terabyte of free space, so this definetely isn't an issue

I don't know if it changes anything, but my language is set to Hungarian. I've had problems with games not running because they can't work with accents on letters/special characters appearing in folder names, but it isn't really common.

Edit: Tried changing my language to English (United States). Still doesn't work.

Thanks for replying! The logs folder is supposed to be created when the game launches on v1.2.1, inside the Lacie Engine folder we indicated, but maybe the game isn't even getting far enough for that.

Since you're using an Intel HD graphics card, we recommend you update the drivers from the Intel website if possible, as OpenGL support on older Intel drivers tends to be very wonky.

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