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Arts and OST are fantastic. Can't with for the 2nd part


cool ost, cool characters, cool plot, cool game

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I didn't get to finish the game because for a player who's too dumb to solve puzzles like me, this was super hard and my brain hurts. I had to resort to using a guide and even then I still don't understand half of what I'm doing lmao.

I think the game is really cool, I love Hiro and I think Sai and Milione (is that how you spell his name?) are hot. Lucie is love Lacie is life.

just curious are you a filipino? Like I can assume by the accent :D. Nice vid btw 👍✨

been thinking of making a let's play of this too


I discover the game with the OST. I was really curious so I download the game and...Wow... How beautiful ! Everything is amazing inside ! I really love all the details. The music, the characters, the story, the puzzles ! An awesome masterpiece. And it's only the demo ? My ! I really need the full game ! So, I will wait. Patiently ! 

Thanks for all the work you put into the game ! 

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Project Paper Lily, for a demo there's definitely still plenty to dive into here There's clear passion, thought and a lot of polish that went into make this demo feel like a cohesive and engaging experience.

The games art is great for what it is and is cohesive in its presentation, I really liked the character designs which really helped bring the characters to life. Some of areas such as the tree with the embedded mirror with particle lights floating were beautiful, and none really stood out as unfinished or out of place. 

I really loved the soundtrack, it felt really rpg maker esq but still has its own unique character. I found myself immediately after listening to the ost and wanting to write piano arrangements of various standout pieces like Lacie's character theme and music box. The tracks and sound design were well used, with the absence of the ost at times really building tension and tracks during story sequences such as the one involving miss knives really elevating the whole sequence. 

Also the whole bush hiding sequence with the trail leading to your guide's corpse was honestly really terrifying and built its atmosphere well, though it felt a bit too predictable with the same amount of time outside of the bush being allowed regardless of moving (besides running) slightly breaking the immersion of it.

While not seeing too much of the characters so far, I've still been able to feel a clear sense of direction in each one, each being likable in their own way. Also the dialogue in general is pretty well put together as far as I can tell.

The puzzles, while not revolutionary were fun and intuitive without feeling like an absolute cakewalk. Besides that it had some interesting gameplay elements. The whole spike/knife dodging fight thing was fun, but while it was initially presented pretty early on, it still feels like it was a little underdeveloped and more could of been done with it to make it more engaging or interesting.

My main gripe would honestly be the whole sewer/underground sequence, which felt a bit drawn out and confusing, maybe I'm just dumb though. I'm not sure if you're able to complete the game without taking out the power for the prisons door, but either way getting killed over and over while having to edge in and out of screen to respawn enemies to be able to get past felt pretty tedious. 

After playing this game once I still feel like I've only scratched the surface of the demo alone. I can see clear inspirations taken from its predecessors such as pocket mirror, ib, yumme nikki/omori and others, but the game still very much has a unique identity of its own.  Its got a good mix or quirkyness and charm, but can also be downright terrifying. I'm excited to see where you bring this game in future. Although tbf I was high on shrooms the entire time so probably skewed my perception of it a bit but still I enjoyed it a lot lol.

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This game has been amazing so far I only just got into it an am already having an amazing time. I have been looking forwards to this game for awhile and am so glad it came out. Thank you so much to the creator got making this game and putting so much effort into it. 

AMAZING GAME! I died about just 100 times but the puzzles and story was very worth it! My friend recommended for me to play it and I'm so glad I did! So excited for Chapter 2! Amazing work!

This game is amazing! I already loved Project Kat (actually replayed it on steam to refresh myself before starting this one - quite neat to see that Chapter 1 recognised my save file) but Paper Lily is even better. The sheer variety of choices is really incredible, it must have taken so much work to add that many different options and solutions (and that's just in this version, very eager to see what the upcoming update adds). And a lot of the puzzles were really interesting and satisfying, especially when I'd been wandering around not knowing what to do then something suddenly just clicks (I cheered out loud when I figured out the shortcut). It also led me to being more creative in my thinking and even spending time trying random things just to see if they worked (think I sat for at least half an hour in that train waiting room just in case they actually called my number haha). And the story is absolutely wonderful. It's a bit of a different tone to Project Kat which threw me off at first, but adding this more fantastical setting alongside the horror worked so well. Lacie is so precious, I love all her gaming comments and my heart broke for her the more we learned of her life, I really want to help her get rid of her curse. The story is definitely raising a lot of interesting questions, particularly regarding those gold envelopes (I remember them from Project Kat), very eager to find out more and I'm already excited for Chapter 2. Thank you so much for this incredible game, I look forward to seeing what else you bring to the table.

And Rune is cool. 

I like Rune.

P.S. Huge thank you for adding a skip option for the spikes. They didn't ruin my enjoyment of the game in any way but I always struggle with these kind of puzzles and get frustrated with them, so I really appreciate having that option so I can push on with the story if I'm really having trouble. 


is there going to be an update on lag? i really like the game but it is too laggy for me and makes the game puzzles really hard to do, even the ones that arent even that hard. TvT


I made an account literally just to comment this, but love playing this game even though i kept getting frustrated at every skill based puzzle, you guys made such an amazing game and i cant wait to play chapter 2!

also huge shout out to the person who made the chapter 1 guide, ur the best

Game seemed interesting, however, I get the vibe the main character has some kinda learning disability. She probably doesn't, but the vibe was to strong, so I dropped the game. Also, I got stuck on the first spike puzzle and quit 


why would that vibe make you drop the game

also the spike puzzles are skippable

I can't stand people with learning disabilities

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I downloaded this game right after finding Itch. I thought I would quit after a few minutes, but I got really intrigued. This game has great art, gameplay, PUZZLES, and a very well thought and interesting storyline. The game has the perfect mix of horror and story, with nothing being obnoxious! I have already played this 3 times and I have found no glitches other than a camera glitch when entering the forest on the second playthrough. Paper Lily is very well and thoroughly created, a LOT of respect going to the devs for their attention to details. It makes the game even more fun to play. The music is also insanely awesome, so many emotions are portrayed through them! I hope one day that this game blows up! Good luck and I'm waiting eagerly for Chapter 2! One question though, is the music ok to record for YT vids? 


When I started playing, I was touched by the death wish list, since I have tried to end myself many times, I was intrigued by all that happened, everything that happened made my heart ache and it also gave me some hope on myself, I wasn't expecting to spend three hours crying and playing, stuck on some puzzles, but after finishing the game, I just spent another hour just crying. It made me realize that I have to finish some stuff before I ever go, for example, I have to make friends. I wasn't expecting that ending, and I had to wake my mom up, at four AM, telling her ''why did it have to end like this.'' In tears. She yelled at me, but it was worth it. 

The game really touched me, and I think it's worth playing, some tasks are a bit hard, but you eventually get used to them. Thank you for the game, not only did it scare me, but it made me cry and enjoy the storyline. Project Kat was also amazing, and the little easter eggs you put made me laugh.


should've made the save crow a raven, so it could be a saven

I want to laugh and cry at the same time, good one.

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I don’t know if you came up with this, but either way I’m gonna assume you did, but damn you’re a genius in comedy

i'm on MacOS and it says the game is damaged and can't be opened ): 

Try downloading it on the Itch app

There are a few tutorials to avoid the ''App is damaged and can't be opened'', online, they involve Terminal commands, but I believe they are safe, try searching for one, it'll fix the problem! 


Just finished chapter one. GAH! I can't wait for more but I also know that there's a lot I missed so I can always go back and find the rest of the stuff. Love the replay value. All of the characters are soooo cute.


When is the steam release??


Ok but seriously, when is v1.1 coming out? I NEED MORE SAVE SLOTS

As a workaround, you can just copy out and in files from your save directory, even during the game.

True, but then it makes a mess and it’s hard to find the correct save file

I played Project Kat before this and loved it, so far I'm one hour in the game and I'm having a blast!

I've made a video on project Kat and Paper Lily, hope your game blows up! <3

El juego me encanto solo q me la pese usando el traductor pues soy de Ecuador y solo esta en ingles seria genial que a ya traducciones


Love this game too much.... I just finished and I love it!!


Jogo muito lindo, muito gostoso. Vocês arrasaram  nele e no prologo. Adorei a opção de pular as partes de luta ou fuga dos espetos. Os cenários, os personagens, tudo muito fofo. Amei


Babe, wake up. "Paper Lily - Chapter 1" is here.

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Happy to see the game releasing!


I played the prologue of the game "Project Kat" and immediately jumped into this one because the prologue was amazing!

Haven't finished this one yet but so far, it was incredible! The puzzles are a bit confusing, especially the sign boards and I just randomly rotated them lol. But the story, the art, Hiro?! I love it! Especially Hiro, best brother ever!

If anyone's interested watching me play the true ending and starting out the main game "Paper Lily", here's a video!


I haven't played the game yet, but. I wanted to note something cute. (to me atleast) The name is called Paper Lily and the girl in the cover art (I'm assuming she's lily) has blonde hair. (maybe more white?) My crush has blonde hair and is named Lilly. Just an extra l in her name but I thought that was cute. Ight, good night. I am going to play this beautiful looking game tomorrow morning, I will edit or reply to this comment with my thoughts depending on how far I get. Looks awesome from what I've seen so far!!! :)

Not played yet?


I'm totally hooked! There's some scuff at the first 45 minutes but I don't want to replay it from the beginning's the video.

I love this game and can't wait to see more of it.

I can see the underlying themes of depression and isolation, and learning to get over them and come out of your shell.

I think that's a great theme to explore and I look forward to seeing what you do with it in the next chapter.


やっと終えました(笑)finally finished XD

I'm stuck on the lamp quiz. I am so bad at these, I've been at it for longer than the entire game is supposed to take and I can't find any guides online T.T


If you go to the Train Station, you can pick up scissors from a seat inside the building (It will look like a white star on a seat), and then use the scissors at Daylight Gate to cut the wires from the lamps. You can also check out this guide made by a few cool dudes if you ever get stuck again.


OMG thank you so much you're my hero, I already have the scissors I just didn't think to use them. My deepest thanks! 


No problem.

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So this is where the stable diffusion rabbit hole leads to, an entire underground community, lol

After reading this comment several times, we still have no idea what you mean, can you elaborate? ^^;


'InvokeAI', it lead me here, I didn't even know this place existed, until I went hunting (for ages) for a really good stable diffusion model. You can get 'InvokeAI' for free here, which lead me to discover this entire 'itch' platform.

The "Potrick Snap" game led me here XD

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Okay, let's go, speedrun on the Paper Lily review, lets go (SPOILERS alert!!!!)

Okay first of all this game is just a masterpiece - characters, story, music, locations, artwork, etc! I love it so much!

It's weird to me that no one has paid attention to the beautiful moths - Milion, White Moth (my favorite!!!!!) and Yellow Moth - they are so cute and beautiful I just can't!!!

And I feel so sorry for Miss Knives, she didn't deserve all this! I have been crying for three days.

And you know I think Sai is not really a human. Yes, he has blood and even a backstory, he can die, etc., but why would he stay in a cursed world? I think it's strange.

The game is a must replay by the way! Better yet, more! I found so many interesting details and it's so satisfying! This is the very thing I fell in love with Project Kat for! And I was so happy to see Kat at the end!

(By the way, I personally checked that Project Kat's true ending variations don't affect Paper Lily chapter 1's ending) :(

Personally for me the mini games weren't very easy, but that's more because I'm noob i think((

I have so many questions and literally no one to ask them! For example, is it even possible to somehow open Glen's door and that little kid's door? Who is sitting in the locked stall in the bathroom? AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE BUCKET ON FACILITY? And by the way, how is it possible to reinforce the bolt cutter? And so many more questions!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the Chapter 2!!! I will definitely try to support my new favorite game authors on kickstarter! You guys making such amazing and great work! Thank you!

(oh yeah and add more save slots pls god (I know you already said they would be in steam, but I need them so much already))

(srry for my english lol)



Paper Lily is even more fun! It’s beyond amazing! I love the art and storyline (so far).

But I’m stuck in Miss Knives house. When I try to get the golden eye from the girl in the painting, she chases Lacie, and I don’t know which way to run. Can anyone help me, please? I’d appreciate your help a lot.


Just try running on the left as much as possible, this is where the exit is. If anything, you can try this guide made by a cool dude

чтож,я играла в игру 6 часов.  6!
я думала,что мы уйдем с sai из этого кошмара,а он просто не пошел со мной.
то есть, я играла 6 часов,чтоб потом начать плакать? скажите мне,что есть концовка где он уходит с главной героиней,прошу. Я не выдержу этого.
Дайте мне прохождение,где будут все концовки. Я хочу перепройти на эту хорошую концовку.
Данная концовка для меня считается плохой.
игра класс,то жду саю с гг


К сожалению, нет концовки, в которой вы уходите с саем.  Однако я думаю, что мы встретимся с ним снова в будущих главах, так как он также проводит ритуалы.  И извините, если грамматика плохая, я использовал гугл-переводчик/There is not an ending where you leave with sai unfortunately. However i think that we will meet him again in future chapters since he also does rituals.


I like this game especially when  listening to relaxing music while roaming around the house. And i also like the color in environments to match the mood.This game put a lot of work . 5/5

When is chapter 2? Can't wait


the ending is jusstttttt omggggggggggggg, can't wait for chapter 2

Man, this is the best game I've ever played for a long time. Great story (and the backstory of Knife), absolute beautiful scenery (feels like that one Undertale scene again), and the soundtrack is just, perfect. Lil secrets here and there, unsettling + tense scenes and the mysterious feel of it all. This is absolutely wonderful. I'm looking forward to the following chapters of this gem.

can someone help me? I've been stuck in facility for around an hour and I don't know how to fix the elevator or drain the water. I have a bucket, the diamond, square, and star valves.  What do I do?

the valves and bucket are probably for an alternate end (which is temporarily removed) and the only way to fix the lift is to fix the electrical panel with the fuses.


The valves puzzle can be solved and you have everything you need for it ^^ 

i do 40 + 15 to get 55 it still doesnt work what do i do? do i have a glitch

im stuck too, and the primal demon catches me off guard.


This game was one of my favourites. Good creepy story and up to that beautiful scenery.  Many types of playstyle made this game entertaining for longer sesions. I will be waiting for another chapters. And to those who hadn't played it yet, it's worth it

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